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  1. I'm really glad to see that you have received helpful information regarding the camera bag possibilities. I also hope you enjoy your Land Tour, I know we are looking forward to ours.
  2. Thank you for your help and for the pics. We are excited about the tour.
  3. Thank you SO much. This is exactly the information I was looking for.
  4. We are cruising with Royal Caribbean and booked the 3A Land Tour. In the brochure it mentions speaking to "your adventure specialist" for extra excursions and tours. When will we first talk with this "specialist"? Will there be contact with them like a concierge before the cruise or is it once on board ship as the land tour follows the cruise? I did do a search here on CC and found size restrictions for luggage in the land tour but the posts were from 2014 and I am wondering if there is any updated info from people who have done these tours. Here is the land tour description:
  5. This will be cruise number 21 for us and our second cruise to Alaska. We have done DIY pre and post cruise trips for our other cruises and have booked our first Cruisetour with Royal Caribbean. This ticks all of the boxes for what we want to see in the amount of time we have available. I have always shied away from Cruisetours because I was intimidated by them. For those of you here with Cruisetour experience please enlighten me. Please tell me about luggage restriction for the land portion, timings, included and excluded meals, setting up extra tours not included in the land tour
  6. I would love to see some pics of your cabin. We are booked in it this August for Alaska. I know it will likely be cancelled but I will still go in my dreams.
  7. The company has had zero income this year and used your $300/person to pay his mortgage and feed his family. I would hope that the cruise season can reopen and he still has a company to give you that refund when he is able. Tourism is the main source of income for many up there and they stand to loose everything.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing. We are supposed to be cruising Alaska this August. We haven't cancelled yet and are holding out a little hope, but realize your August cruise may be as close as we get this year. It looks like you had a great trip and your photos are beautiful.
  9. Thanks for posting the article, if posted before I missed it. It's great hearing that Royal is taking care of their crew. I also liked seeing that they are taking such good care of my ship. I'm still holding on to a little hope that I will sail her in August. (I know, likely not happening, but it will be my 60th birthday celebration. Trying not to burst the bubble before I have to)
  10. I decided on My Time Dining last night, dinner at 5:30. I even preordered on the Fridge Menu. I showed up to the dining room appropriately dressed, and spot on time. There was nothing. I really mean nothing. No service, no kitchen staff and no food. What the heck?? I gave up and ate a bag of cookies.
  11. So glad you were able to make that decision. I hope more are able to do the same. Their season is short to start with and this current situation can easily wipe them out.
  12. I couldn't agree more!! Seems ridiculous to single out cruising as the threat but encourage flying everywhere and increase amusement park admissions and All Inclusive Resort stays.
  13. We arrived in the early afternoon the day before our cruise. This meant that we needed to make the most of our time in Seattle. We booked our night’s stay at the Westin Seattle which was downtown and in a great location to get to what we wanted to see. We found Pike Place Market an easy walk right down the street from the hotel and the Monorail literally a block away. The monorail saved time walking to the Needle. I pre bought our tickets to the Space Needle which included the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Having pre bought these tickets saved us time standing in line. Had we been there a week ear
  14. We started out in ocean view cabins and knew once we tried a suite there would be no going back. Now with retirement on the horizon and a more defined vacation budget, a balcony is still a must. We really enjoy our quiet time and ocean views. We have also learned to enjoy exploring other eating options on board. The MDR is our backup now, and dining options depend on what we want to do in the evening after a port stop or our day at sea. Our entertainment on board is the ocean and Mother Nature herself. We used to go to the shows but grew weary and are not a fan of the n
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