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  1. I'm so glad to have brought back happy memories. Sounds like you have a few great cruises planned. Maybe you can come back and inspire the rest of us 🙂 Safe travels.
  2. For day two in the park we started out much earlier. We had further to drive and amazing weather.Our views today were as if Mount Rainier was saying “Okay you two, I gave you a preview yesterday and now I’ll show you what I really have”. We were gobsmacked. Our first mountain view from yesterday was pretty but to see it in all it’s glory this morning was amazing. Day one Day two 🙂
  3. I too would love to go back to that little cabin. It's a beautiful way to spend time. We left so much unseen that I think our return trip there will come before our next cruise. However our next cruise will likely be a return to Alaska, still so much to see and do there too. We were so lucky with the weather during our trip. I had read that it was going to be cold and rainy so I packed all kinds of layers and dry gear. I even bought a dry bag for cameras and change of clothes if needed. Never had to use the dry bag. The rain coats used mostly for the wind over a good long hoodie. I could not have asked for better. The lack of crowds was great as we were the last of the season. Many of the tour guides were leaving town at the end of the week. There were fewer whale sightings, but still plenty to tick the boxes. Our next will likely be during the early summer as I really want to go dog sledding and that isn't something you can do in September. I do apologize for not getting this done sooner. Both starting it as well as finishing it. There is just one more day in the National Park and the bits and pieces to get done. Soon, I promise.
  4. Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the review. When doing a cruise to Alaska there can't be a bad room. A balcony will make the views sweet enough.
  5. Actually being in the park was so special. We were like kids asking each other do you see that? What about the mountain over there??! I know I have mentioned this was all on a rather cloudy day, this is a big deal as Day two was so very clear and we just WOW. Here comes Paradise
  6. I remember your reviews. I have been a fan for a long time. The Solstice really is a beautiful ship. It may take another couple of days to finish this up but will check back for updates as needed. If I come up with new ideas I'll post 🙂
  7. Terry, I am so glad you have found this review of use. Your upcoming trip sounds like one I would like to do. Hopefully it will not before long that it will be in the planning. I needed to sit down and talk with Kevin before answering your question for mob avoidance and advise. We both agree that you should try to get up to the Yukon Suspension Bridge as early as possible to beat the mass cruise excursion crowds that will come later. The views on the way up will encourage you to stop later on the way back down. We can't remember seeing any towns or places to stop on the drive besides pull outs and scenic views, but the drive is so beautiful there is no lacking of things to stop and see. I would not recommend the White Pass train unless it is something you need to check off your bucket list. It wasn't bad just not as much as what I was hoping for. With a car, you will have so much scenery that you won't miss out. I can't even imagine little Skagway with that many cruise ships or passengers at once. I am sure you will have a great day on your own and assume you will come back and tell us all how it was. Happy cruising.
  8. Thank you. I'm so glad you have enjoyed the review. Have a great cruise.
  9. Birds, mountains and beautiful scenery We made our way on to the next hike. Yes I said hike. It was Narada Falls. Kevin said we aren't hiking all of the way down there. Me? Oh yes we are, I don't want to miss out. He did fair better than I but well worth the hike. Nice path a little wet and squishy at times but a good walk
  10. The goal for Day one is the Paradise area. There was so much to stop and see on the way. It was a nice day to take a drive, even though it was cloudy. A little something explaining what I mentioned about the tundra in the mountains.
  11. There are so many places to stop and go for a hike A bit cloudy on the way down and I was hiking down alone so wasn't brave enough to cross the bridge. It was really cool down there. The clouds had cleared for my way back up the trail I had to grab Kevin to show him the pretty view
  12. Our first day in the park was a little cloudy but very pretty. We had no idea how much more our second day would have to offer. I hope you enjoy day one. The drive into the park was very impressive due to the height of the trees. We had learned so much during our tour in Skagway that we knew we would be seeing huge changes in the trees and foliage during our drive. Our first mountain view, nice boardwalk to the viewing point. One thing we did notice was how nearly dry the creek beds were when we were there. Still made for pretty walks. And into the park.
  13. Inside the Muir Cabin King sized bed, the washer and dryer are in this bedroom Queen sized bed in this bedroom with the door to the back porch. Bathroom has dual shower heads and a heated floor. I could have sat here all week but would have missed out on Mt. Rainier.
  14. With two acres and 750 feet of creek frontage there were nice quiet walks. Even my very own waterfall. Our driveway and front yard And around the back and along our creek
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