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  1. Thank you! He has been fine when in restaurants (including Red Ginger) and when eating. The brain is a mystery for sure...it's amazing how one can recover from serious injury, yet still be left with these baffling after effects.
  2. Thank you. I do have the deck plan, but I don't see the actual GALLEY location, just the DR. I assume the galley is near the DR, just not sure where exactly. I thought maybe if someone had been on a galley tour they would know. Thanks, again.
  3. Good morning, we are on Marina April 2023 (hopefully!) in an extended verandah B3 on deck 7. Trying to ascertain where the galley is (is it below us?)...May seem like an odd question, but my husband suffered strokes after an aortic dissection in 2015 and his olfactory senses were affected. Trying to avoid any possible food smells in the cabin. Thank you very much. Michele
  4. Just heard our town in Bergen County has 17 "active cases"...our total since March is 359 so 17 now seems worrisome.
  5. We cancelled our April cruise two weeks ago...TA said taking 3-4 to process due to COVID.
  6. Hello, I live in the county with the most cases in NJ, luck us. I work in NYC, but have been working from home full-time for the last 3 weeks (I think, losing track of time!). Only going out to grocery store weekly. I have asthma and hubby has underlying issues also, and my 86 yr old dad lives with us. He is going crazy not getting out to the store...which means he is driving ME crazy, but we cannot complain. I'm employed and we are healthy. I miss my 2-year-old great niece SO much though...we try to see her weekly, but now it's just facetime. Stay safe, all!
  7. I stressed SO much about appropriate attire before our recent cruise (first time on Oceania) and realized quickly that stress was for nothing. In general, many were dressed way more casually than I expected. Enjoy!
  8. That seems downright insane to me...that he would question your "style" of leather shoes...did they appear to be sneakers? Goodness, I don't want to have to worry about the fashion police when dressing for dinner. I just want to relax and enjoy my cruise.
  9. Thank you! Yes, I tend to be chilly especially with AC, so I'll be sure to bring cardigans. We'll be on Oceania for the first time.
  10. Hello, hoping someone can give me an idea of temperatures in the evening while "at sea" in the Caribbean. We will be stopping at Belize, Costa Maya and Roatan in late January. Thank you and Happy New Year! Michele in NJ
  11. Hello, just got our Blue Book and I'm trying not to panic (ok, panic is a strong word)...I read where it says sandals are not permitted in GDR or specialties, but this seems s bit crazy to me in the Caribbean. I understand that flip flops shouldn't be worn, of course, or ratty sandals, but my plan was to wear summery dresses to dinner with NICE sandals with a heel. Just wondering if this is something that is the "norm" or I need to rethink my packing list. Thank you for your insights! EDIT: Just found other posts with the same question...seems dressy sandals are acceptable. Happy
  12. Good morning...yesterday I had hoped to cancel one excursion in Harvest Caye and add another. I didn't see any option for doing this on Oceania's site so I called. Spoke to someone very helpful who said he was doing it as we spoke. I've refreshed and logged out and I'm still not seeing the change. I'm going to call my TA this morning, but curious if there is a way to do this on the site that I'm just missing and that you experienced Oceania customers are privy to. Thank you!
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