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  1. We were on the last Oasis cruise in March 2020 and he was on then. I think he was on there since it came back to the US after being amplified.
  2. Not sure if this was touched on in one of the other threads, but any mention of the bracelets for contact tracing on the Bahamas cruises?
  3. I agree. No different than “NO shoes, NO shirt, NO service”
  4. I agree it is a bold statement. If it is not news on the restart plan, then there will be no cruising in 2021. I can’t believe any other news from the cruise lines would be more exciting than the restart of cruises.
  5. Anthem to PC for the winter. No sailings from NJ at all this year. Load up ships in FL.
  6. On Oasis, this door was not locked. We used it a couple of times going in and out. Not that I'm suggesting anything, but if you do not have Aquatheatre reservations, you can bypass the "check point" on the boardwalk by going this way and slipping down the stairs. We just watched the show from up there...same as watching from one of the suites.
  7. I like it too. I Wonder 😉 why they didn't do the same with the newest Oasis class ship?
  8. We were fortunate to be on the last Oasis cruise in March 2020. Surreal getting off as so much in the world changed/shutdown from when we got on, but was a fantastic cruise!
  9. Looks bigger now? This is a picture of EN on our first ever cruise in 1999. The area looks smaller back then or is it just me?
  10. Same for me I believe. I am not using a TA for OBC though, the customer service is key with me...which in my case has been outstanding! I am always presented with better pricing for a refundable deposit than non-refundable listed on Royal’s site, so this is better than some OBC IMHO. The creative booking for super deals is also worth it for me. To OP, if you are happy with their service, I wouldn’t worry about OBC.
  11. We are on the 12 night before Christmas. Get off on the 24th. We are taking kids out of school, but they will only miss the last week before the break, which they don't do anything anyways. My son's grade 8 class is doing pizza and playing XBOX today in school...I think we are ok to take them out of school next year.🤣
  12. Our paths will cross in NJ. We get off when you are getting on. We have never been on a ship around Christmas, so looking forward to seeing the decorations. This will be our 2nd time on Anthem and enjoy the shorter drive...though don't mind the drive to FL either if getting on a ship is at the end of the road!
  13. Me too...but you already know that! At least I think I do in a JS?
  14. If you don’t like what they are doing, why can’t you cancel?
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