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  1. Thanks for taking us along! I love all your reviews, but hate the cliffhangers...
  2. I understand that it will open on Saturday, Sept. 7 with Navigator as the 1st ship back.
  3. We are booked for March 2020 and have the same thing, nothing available before 6:30. I have seen elsewhere that on Harmony's Aug. 4 cruise, there is traditional dining listed on the cruise compass at 5:00 in Silk, Grande AND American Icon. It shows MTD in American Icon starting at 6:30, so if it goes that way, I don't see it opening before 6:30.
  4. As mema guessed, it is indeed storage used by the stewards. 2U vs. 4U is just location. 4U being further from center. For example, 9269 and 9273 would be identical cabins, but the 4U (9273) SHOULD be slightly cheaper and for the few steps further would be a better choice if looking to save a buck or two. This spot would be the change point between a mid-ship cabin and aft cabin. This is from what I have experienced, someone may correct me if I am mistaken.
  5. I think they would just do away with Nassau as most complain about Nassau anyways. Arrive at CC on Wednesday, leave Thursday, keep it an RCI only cruise? Though, as much as people complain about Nassau and RCI would like to keep all the money for themselves, I assume they make a significant amount off shore excursions.
  6. More times have opened up for my cruise, but still nothing earlier than 6:30.
  7. For my Oasis cruise in March 2020, I am seeing the exact same time choices...6:30 or 8:30. I have MTD. In the past with MTD, the time choices have been every 15 or 30 minutes beginning around 5:30. The MTD for my cruise only became available in the last week or so, so Maybe it will open up more times in the coming weeks?
  8. Pretty impressive what these type of ships can do/haul.
  9. I have Oasis booked for March 2020 and no option for MTD either. Same with my Anthem 2021 cruise. We were originally booked on Oasis for Dec. 28, 2019 (had to cancel) and I was able to book MTD for that one about 3 months ago. I wouldn't worry too much, it will load in at some point. Seems to only be stuff I can pay for is available...that's convenient for Royal!?
  10. We were all kids once too! Some adults are worst than kids...a cruise with no rude, entitled feeling adults and 1000 kids would be good.
  11. MFITS, loved the review and eagerly await your review on the newly AMP'd Lady Oasis in December. We are cruising on her next March doing the same itinerary. It will also be our 1st time on an Oasis class ship! Thanks again for taking the time to bring us along with you.
  12. Hope you enjoyed your cruise. Was the AT working completely or were the shows "modified"? Thanks.
  13. I think the blue rectangle is on the move!
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