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  1. My cruise for Panama in Jan 2021 didn't show up on the Carnival website all day Thursday. Then it was back on Friday. Seems like Carnival is either having glitches or possibly removing a cruise while they make updates? I thought maybe it was going to be cancelled for a drydock or something, because that does happen sometimes.
  2. We had a Costco credit once several years ago. Expected it on the cruise, but nothing was there. Called when we got back and found out it was an actual Costco credit for use in the store, after we completed the cruise. Not sure if they still do this.
  3. Seriously, we would prefer cabin service once every other day. We aren't messy, and we don't really like the intrusion. Just want fresh towels every now and then. Same for hotels.
  4. Yes, I received an email telling me the status match was completed and what level was assigned.
  5. Wow, you got lucky with your status match, unless you mean you are Platinum Plus with NCL. I'm NCL Platinum and MSC gave me gold status, just like someone else here who mentioned their status match just a week or two back.
  6. MSC seems to have a somewhat limited selection of excursions for my cruise which is about 11 months out. Mostly city tours in vans/buses or walking tours. Do they generally add more excursions a little closer to the cruises? Maybe not all the vendor contracts go that far out? Or is this likely to be everything that MSC will offer?
  7. Re Status Match: I just got my status match today. It took a week and a half. I saw someone else post recently that their's took two weeks.
  8. From what I've been able to tell, MSC does not allow you to bring any alcohol (including wine), soft drinks, or water on board (except items needed for medical reasons, like distilled water for a CPAP). But this is based on my searches. I haven't actually cruised with MSC yet, although the results have been consistent so far.
  9. Can anyone tell me what the thermal area on the Divina includes?
  10. Okay, now I see the status match - after I already submitted for the Voyager Program. I completed the status match application anyway, so I'm sure they won't be happy with me. Wish I would have noticed that before. <sigh>
  11. How do you get status matched for NCL? Do I just call MSC and ask for this with my MSC Reservation Number and NCL past passenger numbers? I didn't know that was something we could do. We are NCL Platinum and I just booked an S3 Suite on the Divina last night myself using the MSC website.
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