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    cell service on land - Verizon

    I had a stronger signal in the towns you mentioned than I do at home. You will have no problems.
  2. I understand that you can only take one bag each for the land portion of cruisetour. Does anyone know the number of bags you can send to the "Join Me Onboard" to be stored until our cruise. Thinking of each taking rolling carry on to help with packing space and possibly a medium suitcase if necessary. Thanks for any help!
  3. CltCruzer, Cannot thank you enough for posting everything from your Island Princess Cruisetour!!!! Now I will be able to relax knowing all the information you have given us. We will be arriving late to the ship as we leave Talkeetna at 1:30 on the train to Whittier as part of the Cruisetour. Thanks again!!
  4. Great travel report!!! Enjoying all the pics too!!!
  5. Midwestoalaska

    Just back from Celebrity cruise- Thoughts about packing

    Thanks so much Jonyboy!
  6. Midwestoalaska

    Trip Review: Connoisseur Land & Sea (RB8) June 19 - July 4, 2018

    Wow!! Your review is amazing with great information! We are doing a 4 night cruisetour in August.
  7. Midwestoalaska

    Trip Review: Connoisseur Land & Sea (RB8) June 19 - July 4, 2018

    World Traveler, Great info. First time I've seen advice for the paddle wheel boat. We will be having lunch on the train. Are there only 4 items at lunch or were their any additional items on the next page. No worries if you don't have that info. :D
  8. Midwestoalaska

    Just back from Celebrity cruise- Thoughts about packing

    Hi! Still struggling with what binoculars to buy. Could you tell me the brand and strength you bought and were happy with? Thanks also for the update on what to bring clothing wise:)
  9. Midwestoalaska

    Shareholder benefit

    First time cruiser and Alaska. What perks do you get for being a shareholder and what amount of shares are needed before a perk is received?
  10. Thanks for the info. I will look at your golden info and wait and see if anyone does a review on Island SB. Really appreciate your time :)
  11. Going in August and getting excited. Wondering about what days are formal nights and time for Puppies in the Plaza. Any help would be so appreciated.
  12. Midwestoalaska

    Alaska cruisetour advice please

    Please send me your travel company too :). My email is skn133@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!! Doing Princess cruisetour this year but if we love it will try to plan different trip in two years.
  13. We are arriving by train from McKinley Princess Lodge thru a Princess Cruisetour. We don't leave until 1:30 pm. How does dinner work this first night as we have th 5:15 TD. Doubt that we will even be there by then. Any information would be really appreciated. It looks like we may only have difficulty making this early seating once in Skagway when we do the combo of bus then train for the Bennett train excursion.
  14. Midwestoalaska

    First time cruiser need help with land portion on princess

    Budget Queen. We are with a Princess Cruisetour Southbound in August. We did cancel the NHT tour and received credit. We booked shuttle to Eilsen to do on our full day. We get to Denali around 4-5 pm the day before. Wondering what is the best way to get our food for lunch in Denali the next day as no food after WAC. Worried that if I plan to get food at WAC it may be pretty sparse by 8 am. Was thinking maybe the sandwich shop across the street to get something for the next day and keep it on ice after having dinner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Midwestoalaska

    Hubard Glacier Viewing

    Unfortunately our cruise does not have the excursion for Hubbard glacier, only cruising. Can’t wait to hear about it!! Have a great time!!