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  1. Congratulations! Is your air already booked under her current maiden name? If so---her passport must match the ticket. I don't have any experience trying to change a name due to marriage on an airline ticket. My experience with name change due to marriage was that the first thing that had to get the name change was SS card. Needed this to change my name at work on health and life insurance and 401K. I needed SS to then get my DL in my new name. With new SS and DL I then proceeded with new passport. So we booked our international travel under my maiden name until I had a new passport. If there is no pressing reason for her to change her name for work or any assets, wills, or trusts---I would wait until you get home, especially if the airline tickets are already issued.
  2. I was told the Anniversary Sale was $250/pp--we are on an 11 night cruise. I have been less than impressed with the transparency. The Anniversary sale keeps getting extended and with all the VO issues in the last year, I am leaning towards cancellation. I can always re-book later as our travel plans and schedule are pretty flexible. I tried going through my TA to simply pay for an upgrade at the new lower prices but was not happy with the offer (based on current pricing). Love the ships and experience, but their policies regarding price drops and payment terms are a bit of a detriment. So perhaps we will cancel and try Oceania or do a land based vacation. It's a shame because we really do like Viking. I get that they can't do a price drop guarantee but perhaps a discounted upgrade would appease some of us when there are price drops/promos.
  3. We had the SSBP. The sparkling wine/prosecco was marginal. I had a couple glasses. Not awful but obviously not champagne. If you love champagne I would recommend bringing your own on board. I didn't think that you got any sparkling wine unless you purchased the package. Although on Sunday AM they were serving mimosas in the atrium for everyone on our transatlantic.
  4. We are booked on a cruise in April 2020 that is not selling particularly well. We booked while on board and got a nice discount plus the $200 previous cruiser discount, plus $200 pp OBC for transferring to TA. The price is dropping and we have already once inquired about cancelling and rebooking into better cabin. We do not have VO insurance so cancellation is $100 pp. This experience has reinforced to us that we do not want to purchase VO insurance, or pay for their pre and post excursions, or deviated air. We are watching and will potentially cancel the cruise and book something different, possibly higher cabin. Possibly a different cruise line or different vacation. We booked our air using miles and can re-book on American for no fee. I understand VO policy and we knowingly took this risk. But thankfully we have the option of cancelling for only $100 pp.
  5. Zitsky--check out the champagne offerings on the Explorer's Lounge menu or Restaurant menu. You might get a much better value by perhaps ordering only the strawberries on the gift order form. Maybe order a bottle other than Taittanger NV (not that I don't love Taittinger!) from the Restaurant. Seems like they are sort of nicking you on the Taittinger pricing on the gift form. I think that is perhaps a $30-40 bottle? Maybe I am misinformed. An example---last cruise they had Louis Roederer Cristal (2008 or 2009 if I remember) for $175. With 15% discount with SSBP discount it was less than $150 (includes tip). Our local Costco sells for well north of $200. Our local discount liquor store sells it for $275. It is expensive but if you are looking for a splurge it is an excellent value.
  6. Try clearing your browsers cache, cookies and history. Then re-type the link. Although it is recognizing you and calling you by name--that's weird. How are you accessing--- Safari, Firefox--what browser? Or are you going in via Yahoo or AOL?
  7. My only other thought would be to find out the details regarding if Viking's insurance allows you to cancel if your travel companion/cabin mate cannot travel for a valid reason. Maybe they could cancel and only be out the insurance, which is better than adding another $3K. I would also explore the travel insurance on the credit card used for payment. Obviously Viking insurance is primary but make sure that your friend explores the details of any coverage on their credit card.
  8. This thread may be helpful, similar except they did NOT have insurance. But it provides some detail on Viking's policy. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2609710-urgent-question/?tab=comments#comment-56239382
  9. And another thing--the Tuna Tataki was amazing! Flavor, presentation was absolutely stellar.
  10. We enjoyed all the Chefs Table meals--but we are comfortable with trying new things and experimenting. If your husband does not like adventurous/spicy food, or trying new things, or a menu that does not provide options, then perhaps eat at the MDR (or Manfredi's or World Cafe). It seems a little counter-intuitive to go to the Chefs Table and then not eat what is offered (unless you have a food allergy). If it is not food that you or your DH like--why eat there? The whole point of Chef's Table is to eat a set menu that the chef has prepared with specific dishes and flavors. To knowingly go to what is a set menu (with items you know you won't eat) and then want substitutions on everything seems a little silly when you can go to the MDR or Manfredi's or World Cafe and get what suits your palate. Just my two cents. Seems a little like setting yourself up for failure. That being said--they are extremely accommodating and will try to serve you food that pleases. I know that I requested half portions and they were happy to oblige. We heard other diners asking for non-meat options.
  11. You should have priority check-in and Gold Track through security in Athens. Although--check to see the hours they are available.
  12. You may want to check FlyerTalk or TripAdvisor for Athens airport specific info--may have some guidance regarding security lines and lounge access if you have status on OneWorld or StarAlliance or Priority Pass. I sympathize with the early AM flight--sometimes you have to take them to get the award tickets.
  13. Lol--thanks for clarifying. I was ready to pre-pay to avoid an increase!
  14. When did it change from US $15 to $20? VO website still states $15 and on myvikingjourney.com it is showing $15 US. $165 for 12 day/11 night cruise in 2020.
  15. SwissAir website states check-in counter opens 2 hours prior at Athens. https://www.swiss.com/us/en/prepare/check-in/checkin-times# How are you transporting from port to airport--at that hour I am guessing taxi which is 40 minute ride? Personally--we always arrive 2 hours prior for international flights, unless someplace like Madrid where they advise 3 hours. You could call SwissAir and confirm the check-in counter and recommended check-in time. Also see if you can check-in online and if that will help, but not sure if they would have a self-check kiosk for bags that early in the AM.
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