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  1. amoscotti Also sorry to hear about this. That was a horrible lack of communication from the TA or the cruise line. Hope that you can keep your modified original plans, but it’s great to know that you were able to find an alternative if needed!
  2. We were on the 10 Night April 22 sailing from Honolulu to Vancouver which was replaced with another cruise. I contacted Celebrity and have re-booked on the 11 Night Solstice Honolulu to Vancouver Cruise. We had really wanted to sail on a Revolutionized ship and were planning 5 nights in Honolulu pre-cruise. Oh well. We’ll have 2 nights in Honolulu pre-cruise, 2 in Vancouver/Seattle and an overnight in Maui on the cruise. Not so bad after all!
  3. What website did you find this information at?
  4. I just noticed that the Revolution date for the Celebrity Eclipse was changed on the Revolution Schedule webpage https://www.celebritycruises.com/revolution/schedule/ from November 24, 2020 to April 4, 2021. I haven’t seen the change reflected on other webpages yet, but the 4/4/21 sailing of the Eclipse is currently scheduled as a 19 night trip from Melbourne, Australia to Oahu (Honolulu), Hawaii. Is Melbourne a port with the facilities capable of completing the Revolution upgrades? She was originally going to be upgraded in Singapore in November 2020, which I believe is where the Millenium was done.
  5. We were on the 11 night Reflection ABC cruise this past April. It sailed to Grand Cayman, Cartagena, Aruba (1-1/2 days), Curacao and Bonaire. Had a wonderful time on this itinerary.
  6. I think that you will enjoy the larger balcony and the wonderful aft view from the center of the ship Have a great cruise and crossing!
  7. No, just hit quote by habit. Sorry about that! Have a great day and happy cruising.
  8. No, please reread my edited previous post.
  9. I have read the whole thread and know that opinion has been shared already, but some others continue the “fighting” and putting others down. I wasn’t trying to point fingers at you.
  10. This has become (and has been for a long while), one of the most petty threads I have seen on CC. There is something called personal choice, and as long as it doesn’t violate any rules, which in this case it doesn’t according to Celebrity, then let those who don’t want to decorate leave the door alone, and those that enjoy doing so, go ahead and decorate the door. Stop the bickering and belittling of each other already and move on to other threads with the intent to share helpful information with each other. After all, I thought that was the intent of Cruise Critic since it’s inception.
  11. I ordered it through Amazon but the link to my order says not currently available. Look up Premier Cruising Gear on Google and you’ll find it among literally a hundred or more different designs for all occasions. They also offer door banners that you can place on your door with a magnetic hook. Chuck
  12. The rooms are the same size as the other sunset verandas. The balconies are wider because of a cabin attendant closet that is between the cabin and the one next door. The picture I’m attaching gives somewhat of an idea of the difference in balcony sizes. It looks down at the balconies below ours and you can sort of see the ones to the right and left being smaller than the ones directly below ours.
  13. 6314, 7366, 8348 and 9384 are the SV cabins on Reflection with the larger balconies, and are the cabins 4 to the left of the corner Sky Suites on the port side. We actually moved up to 1222, a C1 right above 9384 which is what I originally booked, when I caught a price drop before our cruise April 1 No soot or noise issues whatsoever on our cruise. The balconies are about 50% wider than the other aft balconies. Once you’ve sailed on one, you’ll be hooked. Chuck
  14. After checking with Celebrity and hearing that it was permissible to decorate the cabin door, we purchased this magnetic sign and placed it on our door along with the Cruise Critic sign There were actually a good number of doors that were decorated.
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