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  1. I ran into this same issue a couple of months ago with a new US booking. I took screen shots of the confirmation, pricing, etc. and sent them to Celebrity because they had no record of the booking being made. The price increased because the promotion I was using had ended. Because of the screenshots a supervisor honored the promotion and booked me at the lower price.
  2. We’re booked on a 4 night Key West Bahamas (Nassau) cruise in Dec 2021 on Millennium as our first attempt.to sail on a cruise, hopefully post-Covid or with a vaccine. Any ideas what Celebrity might substitute instead of Key West if the referendums pass and the cruise still sails?
  3. We did the same thing for pretty much the same reasons you had. We changed a Honolulu-Vancouver May 2021 cruise to May 2022. We had the dilemmas to risk of either Honolulu or Vancouver being closed down when our ship would have begun sailing to Hawaii in September 2020 for a sailing season in Australia and New Zealand, or the possibility that the full winter season sailings down under would be cancelled because the foreign ports wouldn’t accept the ship, thus canceling the return through Hawaii to Vancouver in May 2021. There were just too many uncertainties for us to feel comfortable, so we m
  4. Sorry that it appears you have lost your CVP. Mine did call me back on Thursday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. I just tried reaching my CVP. I got her voicemail, but it was her own recording with today’s date stating she would be in the office until 9pm, and to please leave a msg for her. Hopefully that means she is still working for Celebrity. We’ll have to see if she returns the call.
  6. We booked our 2021 cruise in 2019 when it was first announced, so the price was around $700 less per person than today’s price, and it also included all 4 perks and an additional holiday weekend booking OBC. We also got a substantial price match OBC for not switching to a big box agency booking. When the original cruise was cancelled and we rebooked on our May 2021 cruise, we got price protection, all existing OBCs, an additional day cruising and another OBC, making around $1100 in OBC. Cancellation and rebooking is not an option because of these factors. Check with your travel in
  7. MarkWiltonM, I also made a full payment for an April 2021 cruise, which was subsequently cancelled due to a change in dates for the Revolution of the Eclipse. The full payment was only done because I had a nice unanticipated cash rebate from something else, and I just decided to use those funds to take care of the booking then rather than spend it on something else. Actually got more OBC than others did for rebooking of the April 2021cruise with a similar cruise in May 2021. Now I had exactly the same questions that you just raised. Please update this post if you find out t
  8. Thank you for your comments on the Alcoves aboard the Solstice. Although we had a good experience in the Alcove on the Reflection last April with great service, the furniture was definitely not the most comfortable and our food choices were more limited. Having a dedicated attendant to service the Alcoves, a larger space with comfortable furniture, and multiple menus to choose from appears to elevate the experience on the Solstice up a notch. We can’t wait to experience our day at sea in the Solstice Alcove next year.
  9. Thanks beachluver9. We heard basically the same weather conditions that you experienced even though we’ll be cruising eastward in May and you probably cruised in September. That’s why we want to rent an alcove on the first day out of Hawaii. How was the service you received in your alcove? On the Reflection last year, We had The Porch and Lawn Grille in the same area. so service was great. We’re you able to enjoy the pools or hot tubs at all during the cooler weather? Chuck
  10. We’ll be sailing on the May 3, 2021 sailing of the Solstice from Honolulu-Vancouver. Although Shore Excursions, Internet/Photo Packages, individual Specialty Dining Reservations and Beverage Packages have been open for sale at least a couple of months on Cruise Planner, Alcove Rentals are not showing. They used to be in the Dining Section. I’ve contacted Celebrity, the Captain’s Club and our Celebrity Vacation Planner to see if they know when reservations might open up, but they are all clueless. Have any previous cruisers on this itinerary reserved an Alcove cabana, and do you rem
  11. I know this is the Celebrity board, but....., when my wife calls me, The Love Boat theme (with vocals) rings. I’ve had a few smiles and a few strange looks when it occurs. ❤️🚢
  12. 504 days from today on the Solstice 11 night Honolulu to Vancouver cruise on May 3. This was booked after an April 10 night Hawaii cruise on the Eclipse was cancelled because of it’s Revolutionizing dry dock dates changing and the ship rerouting from Singapore.
  13. amoscotti Also sorry to hear about this. That was a horrible lack of communication from the TA or the cruise line. Hope that you can keep your modified original plans, but it’s great to know that you were able to find an alternative if needed!
  14. We were on the 10 Night April 22 sailing from Honolulu to Vancouver which was replaced with another cruise. I contacted Celebrity and have re-booked on the 11 Night Solstice Honolulu to Vancouver Cruise. We had really wanted to sail on a Revolutionized ship and were planning 5 nights in Honolulu pre-cruise. Oh well. We’ll have 2 nights in Honolulu pre-cruise, 2 in Vancouver/Seattle and an overnight in Maui on the cruise. Not so bad after all!
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