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  1. Sunset House has good food and good snorkeling but no beach. Yes, it’s about a half mile or so from the cruise pier, but in the opposite direction as Seven Mile Beach
  2. There are watersports operators all along Seven Mile Beach. Most spots with other facilities like restrooms will have someone renting stuff as well. An example can be found here: https://www.redsailcayman.com/grand-cayman-watersports
  3. Yeah, the new rates by mile don’t change the fares much in town, but they absolutely kill the idea of taxis to the Rum Point area. We have a house there (where I am right now) and a car rental for the 10 days was cheaper than two taxis (here/back to the airport) even though we don’t really need it.
  4. Unfortunately, all of the close beaches with facilities, especially those on Seven Mile Beach, are going to be crowded. The closest beach that might be less crowded is Smith Cove, a short taxi ride in the opposite direction as SMB, and they have restrooms but no chair/umbrella rentals or other amenities. It’s either that or rent a car and go further afield, to one of the beaches the PP mentioned. A taxi is no longer a viable option to reach the Rum Point area, as the rates have increased with the new taxi rate system and it’s approximately $140 US each way now.
  5. Yes, current water temps are about 5-6 degrees warmer than they will be in December. Still nice, but it will feel a bit cooler. Think water at 80 degrees rather than 85 maybe.
  6. https://royalpalmscayman.com/cruising/
  7. A lot of stuff will be closed, ie most stores and some restaurants. Not sure how many of the tour operators run tours on Christmas Day, but the safest thing is to maybe book something through the ship as soon as possible. EDIT: this applies to Dec 26th, too (Boxing Day) and to days after that in years where the holiday falls on a weekend as the work holidays will be observed on the Monday/Tuesday.
  8. https://www.caymangoodtaste.com/restaurant_menu_search.asp?search=Conch&Submit=Go
  9. The first three restaurants on this search seem to have turtle dishes at least on occasion. I’d call first to double-check, maybe? https://www.caymangoodtaste.com/restaurant_menu_search.asp?search=Turtle&Submit=Go
  10. Take a taxi to the Public Beach section of SMB. It’s not far, you can see the cruise ships from there. Under the new taxi fares, for up to 4 passengers a taxi should be about $20 CI
  11. https://www.caymanautorentals.com.ky/location/
  12. There are lots of threads in this forum on the various sections of Seven Mile Beach and how to get to them, etc.
  13. Canadian currency is not accepted anywhere in Cayman, except maybe a bank. And that’s a maybe. (I haven’t specifically tried, we bring US$ down with us.)
  14. Kids aren’t going to find much to do at Royal Palms. In Cayman, Public Beach/Calico Jacks is a better spot if your travel party includes kids, since there’s a playground and a bigger area to run around. Royal Palms’ main plus is a pool, but it’s adults only, and then it’s just lounge chairs on the beach for the most part.
  15. I vaguely remember seeing a sign that the tortuga rum cake factory (by AL Thompson) was serving Seymour’s Jerk now, but I didn’t pay enough attention to see if it was only certain days/times or what.
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