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  1. I just got a gift card today (as a partial refund on a March sailing) and even though it was under $100, it was still delivered by FedEx. The rest of my refund was credited to my CC on my last cycle. Good to see that it was less than 60 days from sailing rather than the 90 originally stated.
  2. Sounds like what you get on an Elite cruise. When we got this offer (on an Elite cruise), it included the specialty coffees, sodas & water in addition to the alcoholic drinks - and was good at any of the bars. I think the 15/day limit on alcohol was in effect, but can't say definitely 'cause I'm not a heavy drinker and never came close to that number.
  3. I'm just annoyed at how Carnival puts out these "announcements ". I don't do FB or instagram. I think they should put something on the web site or some type of mass email to all the cruisers with sailings in the next month or so - even if it's just to tell us their announcement is delayed. If it weren't for reading CC, I would still be looking for the announcement today.
  4. I'm hoping the letter goes away -- the original requirement (and the reason I had to cancel our cruise - which Carnival later cancelled entirely) was that the fit-to-sail letter was for anyone over 70 stating they did not meet any of the required medical criteria (diabetes, heart, kidney or lung disease). It wasn't just over 70 with conditions under control. They also said that anyone with any of those conditions would be denied boarding regardless of age.
  5. I probably expressed my opinion incorrectly - what I meant to say is that if the "over 70" letter remains a requirement, we have finished cruising. My DH is over 70 and does have one of the conditions shown. No way our doctor would lie and say he didn't have any of the stated conditions. Therefore - no more cruising.
  6. I'm waiting on the email later this week to see what's available. We love our Elite cruises!!
  7. I'm not sure what all they're doing. I canceled when they put out the "over 70" letter requirement. I have yet to really get what they said I would - confirmation plus a link to my FCC. What I got the day of sailing looked to be a canned letter they send out if you just don't show up to sail (shows the penalty amount). Sigh. Time to wade through the long line to speak to someone.
  8. Strange thing for us - we got the notice on Thursday afternoon and did the online cancellation form. No acknowledgement from Carnival and it's still showing in my online account. Did not get any phone call about my Saturday cruise being cancelled - but I did just get an email reminding me to make sure I printed my boarding pass!!
  9. I certainly hope that is not the case - if so, I guess my DH & I have been on our last cruise. I don't think there are many doctors who will risk a possible lawsuit by signing a "fit to sail" letter.
  10. When we cruised last month, the form asked if you had traveled to certain regions (last 20 days I think), your general health (fever, etc). I'm guessing they've now added information about ongoing health issues such as diabetes, etc. they may have added age, but that wouldn't make sense as they know how old you are. We got notification yesterday afternoon (for our cruise tomorrow) that anyone over 70 has to have a "fit to sail" letter from doctor to board. No way we could get that in a day, so our only choice was to cancel. This information was for sailings up to 3/16. Hope this helps.
  11. In addition to long hold times, I've found that the website is obviously having problems or overload -- whenever I try to access future sailings it takes me back to a login screen. Sigh.
  12. Just out of curiosity - when is the drydock scheduled? We'll be sailing on the Miracle in July. Thanks!
  13. Here's something I've wondered about - would appreciate if someone hearing from anyone who has had this type of offer & the outcome. We were sailing a few months ago (on a "free" casino rate) and got the move down offer (fare refunded as OBC, etc.). We didn't take the offer, but I'm curious what the OBC would have been (what we paid to upgrade to the balcony OR the full cruise fare as shown on our summary which included the amount that the casino picked up). Anybody experienced this?
  14. It works very well - just select to make payment & when the options come up, you'll see "credit card" and "gift card" choices. I've done this many times. Can also use them to prepay gratuities.
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