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  1. I'm thinking we probably had a different Matt on the Royal - none of the pictures of the staff looked like the one we had. Thanks for posting that!
  2. I really hope the "old" one comes back & stays! The new one is just too busy. Older version seemed a lot more user-friendly.
  3. Wondering if that is Matt O'?? That's who we had on the Royal earlier this year - he was great!
  4. We mainly do Princess ourselves, but will do Carnival when they send a really good offer! We just did the Horizon in December. Will be happy to answer any questions you might have (if I can remember all the details!). I do know that we enjoyed it.
  5. FLCruise7

    Bottomless Bubbles program question

    I always get the Bottomless Bubbles and my DH doesn't. I think it's the liquor package that may have to be purchased by everyone.
  6. I can't recall everything about that first cruise (1989), but I do remember it was on the (original) Carnival Mardi Gras -- ship was about 24,000 tons. One thing I remember vividly was our cabin which was way forward and the floor had a slight slope to it! Also, I used to tell people that the bathroom was so tiny you could sit on the john, wash your hair in the shower and wash your hands in the sink all at the same time!! That trip was the beginning of our love of cruising! Fast-forward 30 years and many cruises - and they're still our favorite vacation.
  7. Check the tracking on your notice. It should give an arrival date. We just got our medallions for an upcoming cruise - got the notice that they were shipping out on Monday - and they arrived Wednesday - from Hong Kong! I can't get that kind of service for shipments originating in the US.
  8. FLCruise7

    Luggage for 31 day trip with first 6 days a cruise tour

    That's how it worked when we did a land tour in Alaska (through Princess) and then a cruise after. We had luggage that was tagged as "meet me on the ship." Actually, they limited everyone to one smallish suitcase (about a 20") and a piece of hand-carry (tote bag or backpack) for the land portion since all the luggage traveled with us on the bus or train.
  9. Easy to use 2 different cards to pay the cruise fare & airfare. I just did final payment on a cruise & used 2 different cards. I use a TA and just let her know how much to charge for each (wasn't geared specifically towards the air) - I think you'd just need to let them know which card you want to use to pay each portion. As to which one you want to get miles on - I'd pick whichever one I use the most for other travel! When we've used EZAir in the past, we provided our FF numbers and got the miles for the flights we took.
  10. FLCruise7

    Star Princess Smoking Areas

    The lounge is Shooters and it's very close to the forward elevators - they even have a regular bar in there which was generally open in the evenings (the bar, that is -the lounge was open 24 hours).
  11. When we did our Elite in December, we opted out of the shore excursion (it was an all-inclusive beach trip and we're not beach people). They gave us a dinner in the Italian restaurant instead. The steakhouse dinner was done as a group & was very good. Daily treats, gifts, etc. The best part was that the casino was not packed like it was when we did an Ultra - we had about 90 total (invited guests & companions). Lots less names in that barrel!! We were each selected a couple of times. No "big" prize like the IPad mini I got on the Ultra, but preferred the less crowded conditions to getting a gift. We did not have to wait to do our Ultra before getting the Elite invitation - we were booked for the Ultra, but hadn't taken it.
  12. FLCruise7

    Carnival Gift Cards

    Easiest thing to do to avoid the "list" is to add funds from S&S, make a couple of plays and then cash out to bank & get money at cashier. I had my account locked on one ship as soon as I downloaded funds & then cashed out to player bank (and it wasn't even to get $ for tables - I changed my mind about playing that machine). Easy enough to unlock it, but then they were watching for it.
  13. FLCruise7

    Is this a good deal ?

    I'm in agreement with AstroFlyer - would love to get a move over offer as we're pretty flexible. I figure the only time we'll get it is when we really, really want a particular sailing that isn't done often - and we won't be willing to jump ship (pun intended!!).
  14. FLCruise7

    Medallion use in the casino

    The other good thing is that if the machine is inactive for a certain amount of time (maybe a couple of minutes) - any credits on the machine transfer to your account. I think the nicest part is that you don't have to remember to pull your card out of the machine when you finish! Just did a B2B with 10 days on the CB (with the medallion) and then moved to the Royal for 7 days. I forgot the card on the Royal on a couple of occasions because I'd gotten used to having the medallion (and just hitting cashout & walking away). The sensor will also read your cruise card as well.
  15. Not sure how long the upgrade offer would be valid -- you might want to make sure you've got the Cloud 9 cabin first. Just a thought ...