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  1. The PVP I've used (once in a while) is pretty strange. When she calls me, she just says "hi" - I would expect a professional to say "Hi, this is XX with Carnival ...". She never identifies herself. That just drives me crazy!!! I have pretty much just started booking online & skipping right past her.
  2. Glad to hear that you were pleased with the GF dining. Hope you enjoyed the whole cruise!!
  3. We were on the Regal earlier this year for the TA/Baltic cruise. Internet worked very well. I think there may have been one day where it was hit-or-miss. They have the new Medallion-Net and it's way better than the old service. I sent pictures which worked just fine.
  4. We've sailed mostly on Princess, but have also done quite a few on Carnival as well. I agree with the earlier poster who said that there are some things we like better on Princess & some things we like better on Carnival. We've been on the Horizon - large, new ship. Seems like they had lots of stuff going on for teens, but since we don't have kids, I didn't really take that much notice. Currently booked on about half Carnival & half Princess. It's all about which one offers me the best deal!!
  5. I'll be coming in to FLL from a Transatlantic cruise. Booked a 10:55 EZ air flight. Hopefully we won't be too delayed getting off. We have Global Entry, so hopefully we will not spend a lot of time in Customs. I always check to see what time EZ air lets you book & use that as a guideline if booking independently.
  6. The stockholder benefits form states that if you're on a reduced rate, you don't qualify. I've never gotten the Shareholder OBC when doing a casino rate cruise.
  7. Thanks so much for the information! We sometimes travel prior to a cruise & don't want to pack a lot of stuff!!
  8. We'll be on Deck 1, but can easily go to any deck. We get laundry service, but I don't like my stuff being washed and dried on hot. I prefer doing it myself.
  9. I've searched the deck plans and I can't locate any self-service laundry rooms. Maybe I'm overlooking them. Any help is appreciated!!
  10. I just looked at the deck plans for Sky & Enchanted -- they both have Churchills.
  11. On my CB cruise last month, I got a tiny bag that had an emery board, q-tips/cotton, shower cap & lip balm. I used to bring the nicely filled gold bags home to give to friends or relatives. I'd be embarrassed to give this last one to anyone!
  12. Absolutely no problem with the anytime dining - that's what we had as well -- just remember the name of the head waiter who took your order so you can tell your waiter that you've ordered with "so & so" already. One of our cruises was pretty funny as we had "Edward 2" since there were two with the same name. He even fixed us a little special dish nightly (usually sliced tomatoes with mozzarella cheese & balsamic - which have a specific name that I can't recall). We were on a 5 night with them & we stayed for the next 4 night. Edward 2 kept doing the special things just for us (we were able to get the bruschetta since we didn't need GF).
  13. When we cruised with my DS & BIL, he did gluten-free dining. He got to pick his dinner for the following evening each night. The head waiter would bring the menu & tell him all the things they could do as GF. They had a lot of variety of the dishes that could be prepared as GF. Also - the International Café generally has some GF items. Sorry I can't be more specific - I don't do GF, so it's more just what I've noticed. I'm sure you won't go hungry! Have a great cruise!!
  14. We were just on the CB for the previous cruise - balcony cabin - and we had a barrel chair without asking! I guess they were only removed from some rooms.
  15. We just did the 2-Day St. Petersburg Grand Tour with Alla. Yes, we had to wait to leave the ship until the Princess tours departed, but it was very easy once we were off. We even left about 20 minutes early as all of our group (14 of us!) were there so we were ahead of some of the other small groups. Our guide was great & very knowledgeable. We highly recommend doing this excursion with Alla - and it was about half the price of the same tour from Princess.
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