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  1. Just an update. I called Captain's Club this morning and have had the 10% Captain's Club Classic tier benefits discount applied and have purchased it over the phone. Slightly concerning that when I had called Celebrity at the weekend, the representative was insistent that the price seen in the Cruise Planner already reflected the discount. That call was routed to the US and was with a regular Celebrity agent, but still wrong advise given. Anyway, thanks to Cruise Critic members, everything is clarified and sorted out now. Thanks for this Ergates The Ant. Good to know. I know it's not one of the most expensive call tariffs out there, but I find it irksome that Celebrity (and others) publicise their premium rate telephone numbers to contact them in the UK, when I've already spent a small fortune with them on the booking already. Now to chill out and look forward to our upcoming cruise! Just need to get all my work done first...
  2. Hi Another internet question I'm afraid, but one I can't readily find an answer to. We are booked onto a 10 night Reflection cruise departing 13 March 2020. We have only cruised once before, with Celebrity, and so have Classic Captain's Club status. The benefits with regard to internet packages appear to be "10% discount on the first Internet package purchased" We are in the UK. Here's a link to the Celebrity UK website showing CC benefits https://www.celebritycruises.co.uk/getmedia/c03b62a1-8231-4475-b859-b490169d9a1f/loyaltymemberbenefits2018.pdf I think this has changed over time - I have a flyer that also says "10% discount on the first Internet Package purchased, plus if you purchase your Unlimited Package by calling us before you set sail receive an additional 10% discount" but that particular document isn't the one that is currently posted on the Celebrity website. I've attached a copy of it though. That flyer suggests calling CC to obtain the discount. We are looking at the Unlimited Internet Package - Single Device. In the Cruise Planner, it says "Enjoy a discounted daily rate for your entire voyage". My understanding is that this is referring to a general 10% discount available to anyone who books the package before sailing. The cost being quoted in our Cruise Planner is £227.24 So the question is - If I call Captains Club will I be able to receive the 10% CC discount, or has this already been taken into account in the price shown in Cruise Planner? CC aren't open at weekends (in the UK at least) so I can't call them at the moment. I've spoken to a regular Celebrity representative, and they suggested the price shown in Cruise Planner has the discount. Just a bit confusing. I can't find a 'standard' cost, so haven't got anything to compare it with. Thanks in anticipation. captains-club-membership-benefits.pdf
  3. Hi This is a very difficult and I'm sure stressful situation for all those that it affects, and my sympathies go out to them all. Whilst a very useful post, just a slight word of caution though. As stated at the beginning of the quote above, what followed relates to package travel. A package is when a consumer buys more than one element of a holiday together, e.g. flights + accommodation, or in this case flights + cruise, but it could be other elements, not including the flights that make it a package. (e.g. Cruise + excursions - see What is a Package Holiday? below). In this case, Celebrity appears to be offering alternative arrangements for those who have booked flights and the cruise directly with them, so not an immediate issue there. The issue and point of some of the discussion here has been where the flights have been booked independently and here it becomes a bit more complicated. The above link and quote comes from The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. These came about because of changes in the way people book their holidays, going away from a traditional 'package' and moving to, for example, situations where you may use an online travel service (e.g. Expedia - many others are available), to book the separate elements from different providers and combine them as one booking. ABTA, the UK travel trade association has an article that provides a bit more of a user friendly explanation here https://www.abta.com/tips-and-advice/is-my-holiday-protected/new-package-travel-regulations Some quotes here though:- The new regulations only apply to holiday travel arrangements booked on or after 1 July [2018]. If you have booked a package holiday before 1 July, your package holiday will be covered by previous regulation. Package holidays that are for less than 24 hours, or are for business travel, may not be covered by the regulations. More holiday travel arrangements will be classified as packages. A ‘ready-made’ holiday (this is usually where you book through one company and pay one price) will still be classed as a package holiday. But so too will holidays sold in other ways – for example, many tailor-made trips and shopping basket type sales on websites (where you select the different elements such as flight and hotel). Package holidays offer the best form of protection. Financial protection means you are entitled to a refund or to be brought home if necessary should the travel company organising your package go out of business. You’re also protected if elements of the holiday aren’t provided as required, for example the right to a refund if bad weather means your holiday can’t go ahead. Linked travel arrangement is a new arrangement under the Package Travel Regulations. This is not a package and the level of protection is significantly lower than if you bought a package holiday. It comes with limited financial protection in case the company that sold it goes bust, but complaints about each holiday service will have to be taken up with the individual suppliers. If you have booked your travel arrangements separately (eg – a flight directly with an airline and a hotel through an accommodation booking website), these are unlikely to have any financial or legal protection under the 2018 Package Travel Regulations. However, you might have certain protection for the individual services in other ways – either through travel insurance or through booking with your debit or credit card. Please check with your providers as levels of protection vary. What is a Package Holiday? A package holiday is a combination of at least two different types of travel services, which are listed below: transport (such as a flight, coach or train but not transfers from an airport) accommodation (such as a hotel, villa or apartment) car rental a tourist service (such as a tour guide or a trip to a historical attraction) where this is a significant part of the holiday either because of its value or because it is an essential part of the trip. It counts as a package holiday if your travel company: Has asked you to pay a single price through a single payment Has let you select a combination of services – such as a flight and accommodation – before you agreed to pay for them Charged you an inclusive or total price for all the services you bought Advertised or sold the travel services to you as a package or similar term Sold you one travel service; and then transferred your details, including your payment details to another company which you then booked another travel service through within the space of 24 hours. I'm not a travel or legal expert and the advice given by nomad098 is good "Would probably be worth a call to Celebrity to point this out and if you booked in the UK stating your next call would be to ABTA".
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