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  1. Over 40+ years of Federal, State and Local Government service that I've put in, I just love the bullies. They've paid for my ability to retire with several homes and the ability to travel anywhere I want when I want. The more, the merrier. Bring them on, usually they end up being nothing but cry babies when really put to the test... Cancel culture doesn't scare me in the least. When we're back in NY, maybe DW & I can meet up with you, maybe in Scarsdale or Mt. Vernon or Yonkers...
  2. I agree that this is a very toxic environment spurred on by veiled political overtones. I believe that were one to post about the smell of the nice salt air, there are those here who will counter with one political position or another, often misquoting sources. This is not good for healthy exchanges of ideas and experiences.
  3. Government often accomplishes the exact opposite of what they set out to do in the first place. The government is funneling all the North American cruise passengers through airports now. The very same airports where the government permits mingling of departing and arriving PAX using the same gangways and terminals. Is this any safer than permitting all vaccinated cruises that PAX can drive to? 😵
  4. Reopening cruising will also start back many service sector jobs reducing hunger and homelessness for those who lost their livelihoods due to the CDC's actions and intransigence. There's my one vote.
  5. Slanted polls. Oh, and also the number of accusers coming forward...
  6. Well, it seems to me that it was air travel and not the cruise industry that started the pandemic in the US, but they are getting preferential treatment from the government over the cruise line industry. You're correct, I should not have had such a broad statement that they didn't do anything, they started testing the people coming from Europe and then there was a total ban for a while which has since been lifted while the total ban on the cruise industry stays locked in place since March 14. Don't you see any different treatment given that air travel spread the Covid-19 much more
  7. According to the CDC: "To limit SARS-CoV-2 introduction, the United States restricted travel from China on February 2 and from Europe on March 13, 2020. By March 15, community transmission was widespread in New York City (NYC). . . .The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene conducted sentinel surveillance of influenza-like symptoms (ILS) and genetic sequencing to characterize community transmission and determine the geographic origin of SARS-CoV-2 infections. Among 544 specimens tested from persons with ILS and negative influenza test results, 36 (6.6%) were positive. Genetic
  8. I wonder if Carnival wanted to see some type of exemptions for fully vaccinated cruises. Then Carnival wouldn't be alienating its younger demographic because they could point the finger at the big, bad feds. JMHO.
  9. No, it's not really ridiculous, it's arbitrary and capricious just like the Florida law filing stated.
  10. Neither, it underscores the bias the government has against the cruise industry. It lends credence to the concept of the framework conditions being arbitrary and capricious. You're right, why is a cruise terminal or gangway more dangerous than an airport terminal and gangway especially considering the co mingling of disembarking passengers with passengers waiting to embark? If it's reasonable to allow it in air terminals then it is reasonable in cruise terminals. Therefore the ban on cruise terminal operations is itself 'unreasonable.'
  11. Very slightly off topic - I just booked my first HAL cruise and I'm wondering if I need to have my TA or myself indicate "No Upgrades" as the cabin I booked is exactly what I want, where I want. I've heard other cruise lines will automatically 'upgrade' you unless you state you won't accept any upgrades - is this the case with HAL? Thanks in advance.
  12. The origins of the initial epidemic in New Rochelle came from air travelers from Europe, but no regulations from HHS there.
  13. So, in other words, it's all in the hands of political appointees? Wouldn't that make this whole matter a political one?
  14. Not unusual, 70% of the states in the US require ID to vote. Voter identification laws by state - Ballotpedia
  15. Interesting post. I read with interest that 42 USC doesn't restrict the Secretary of HHS to only passing regulations relating to cruise ships. The initial outbreak in the US in New Rochelle, NY was caused by infected air travelers from Europe. The air industry was not shut down by Secretary of HHS. The Secretary of HHS did not shut the borders between the US and Mexico and Canada. (Travel by car from Canada was shut down, but travel by air was still permitted.)
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