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  1. I had a typo in my previous post. "bcc" should have read "fcc." I wrote that the final payment date is 60 days before sailing for cruises before May 1, 2021. The cancellation date is 30 days prior to sailing. As I wrote, you can get a combination of FCC and refund if you cancel at 30 days. The amount of FCC is dependent on the listed penalty, but the cancellation fee gets returned in whole as the FCC.
  2. New final payment date rule is 60 days from sail date. Can cancel 30 days before and can get combination bcc and refund. Only applies to sailings before May 1 2021.
  3. I once filed a small claims action against a national corporation, they didn't show up in court and I was awarded the full amount requested. I mailed (certified) the award to their legal department and got my check in a week. Good Luck !
  4. Wasn't your final payment date pushed back to sometime in September under Princess' Cruise with Confidence provisions?
  5. I was going to say that only time will tell but I don't think a travel and leisure tax credit would ever even get out of committee and onto the floor of the House. So, I think this is all speculation over something not too likely to come about anyway. 😷
  6. Here is the response you were hoping to elicit. You have consistently misunderstood my posts and then try to correct me based on your flawed understanding of what I was writing. RIF 🙂
  7. In the absence of an incentive for spending travel money in your home country, you are probably correct. If a family had initially desired to take the kids to historic areas for vacation and originally planned on going to Italy or Britain, they may just decide to spend the money taking the kids to see Washington, D.C., Gettysburg, Lexington and Concord, Yorktown, Virginia and many other historic destinations in the US. This is true especially if half of what they spend will come back as a tax refund. Having a tax incentive would make local travel destinations more attractive to many travelers who wouldn't have considered these destinations before.
  8. My concern is that many nations will shift the paradigm to isolationism for quite a while after this.
  9. You have raised my curiosity. Does the above also include US Navy vessels?
  10. I just read an interesting 2003 New York Times article about this whole process complete with political chicanery and 'donations' and a late night amendment to an omnibus appropriations bill. Limiting POA to Hawaiian waters was part of the deal to get the Senators and Congressman from Hawaii to go along. (Also greased by NCL donations laundered through a few American executives of NCL and lobbyists.) It is interesting to note that the Times article got it wrong, repeatedly stating it was an exception to the Jones Act, never mentioning the PVSA.
  11. I stand corrected. Even though it flies an American Flag and is crewed by Americans it seems the ship was started in the USA but was finished off in Germany. But why the US permits it to be "semi-US Flagged" Is a mystery to me. It isn't any wonder why the big lines don't want to deal with US over regulation. 😡
  12. It isn't a court decision, it's an administrative ruling from US Customs and Border Protection. But putting that aside, NCL's Pride of America could be doing cruises to nowhere now. The ship is flagged and crewed in the US. They could also be doing Alaska cruises without the need for a stop in Canada. NCL probably hasn't yet figured out a way to make such cruises financially viable given the current circumstances. I think the cruise industry will wait for either a vaccine or a miracle cure that could be given onboard.
  13. She would only get the money directly deposited to her bank account if she had direct deposit previously set up with IRS. They aren't mailing checks, they are sending the money as a Visa ATM card which is mailed. Many people threw their stimulus Visa card away thinking it was unsolicited junk mail. The Envelope comes from "Money Network Cardholder Services" from Omaha, Nebraska. If she threw the envelope away, she can contact IRS for a free replacement.
  14. I guess some world travelers see their home country as 'home' and staying in their home country is their staycation. But I agree that a staycation to me is vacationing in your primary residence. I don't count spending a week at your vacation home or fishing camp as being a 'staycation.'
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