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  1. That was what I thought too, but on a whim, when I signed into the App using DW's credentials, Ocean Ready was missing a green check mark for her for "Choose Your Ocean Medallion." Once I went through that part for her, she now has the same green check marks as me. That's why I was curious if the same thing will happen when we are able to select the arrival time.
  2. I am curious, when you were finally able to book your arrival time slot, did you have to have each person in your stateroom log in to the app and select their own arrival slot, or were you able to just select for everyone in your stateroom?
  3. Getting into a physical confrontation with somebody over an umbrella could get each party banned for life - maybe even from all Carnival Corporation owned lines. "Is this the hill one wants to die on?"
  4. It was being actively used and the OP gave the other person notice that the umbrella was in use. As community property, then it would have been within OP's rights to move it back. I think the best option would have been to find a deck hand and request that it be returned. That's probably the best option.
  5. Keep Arjean's phone number, she's the best. Good for you!! 🥂 Enjoy your cruise...🚢
  6. Yes, Arjean has a higher level of access to make direct computer entries. Others in that office need to send e-mail requests for others to get answers. Good luck, I think you're in good hands.
  7. Did you get Arjean? When I had some minor issues with the gift cards, I found Arjean to be on the ball and got things done.
  8. Yes.... I'm under doctor's orders that if it tastes good I have to spit it out. 🥨🥩🍟🍕🍩😢
  9. I've never received a shareholder credit confirmation e-mail from PCL. I always checked my booking on the Payments & Credits page of my particular booking. It always showed up there after a day or two. I save every e-mail I get from Princess and I just checked and confirmed there are no shareholder credit confirmations in my e-mail.
  10. My TA wrote back to me saying that HAL said I could move up to a higher category but they wouldn't guarantee which cabin I would end up getting. I would need to pay the additional fare and then find out what would be made available to me. I took a pass.
  11. Yeah, now they call you on the phone at dinner time instead of knocking on your door. 😒
  12. According to HAL's web site: "Standard Gift Cards have no expiration date. Promotional Gift Cards may carry an expiration date which will be printed on the Promotional Gift Card." I just checked my bonus (Promotional) gift cards I got this past April, and they are digital and bear no expiration date. As I recall, when I purchased the cards from HAL, I had a choice of getting a physical Gift Card or a digital. The Promotional Gift Card was only available in digital format.
  13. This past Winter, I bought a substantial amount of gift cards during a promotion from Holland America where you got a 10% bonus gift card for every gift card bought in denominations of $500 and $1,000. For each $1,000 card I bought, I got a free bonus card worth $100. That made a 10% discount on the price of my next HAL cruise. Be careful though, you would need to buy the gift cards directly from Holland America and it is only done for a limited time during the promotion. Buying a card at a store will not get one the bonus during the promotion. I looked at it that I was lending Holland America money for a 10% return. I found out about the promotion here on Cruise Critic, just keep checking the threads.
  14. I used an online TA. It's not a huge deal, there is an angled balcony in the other cabin which is twice the area of the balcony I'm booked into. If that particular cabin is not available Que Sera Sera... 🤷‍♂️
  15. Maybe, they're going to let you stay onboard for another cruise! 😁
  16. Thanks. I am going from Zuiderdam to Koningsdam, but the booking is in February of 2023. That cruise is not listed on the HAL website right now. I am only interested in moving into one particular cabin and if that one isn't available, I'll want to stay put.
  17. No, I got the same category but it is now much further aft because it is a much larger ship. I have asked my TA to inquire if the particular cabin I want is available to me as an upgrade.
  18. When a sailing gets changed from a smaller ship to a larger ship, does HAL give the pre-existing bookings first crack at upgrading their cabins before opening the sailing to new bookings? I am interested in going from a VE to a V cabin which wasn't available on the original ship. TIA
  19. Please let us know how it turns out and what you did to make yourself whole. I purchased a substantial amount of gift cards during a gift card promotion. I plan to use all of them for final payment on a 35 day cruise. One saving grace may be that I have to put the gift cards through my TA rather than directly on HAL's web site.
  20. I ordered pancakes and bacon at a restaurant in the Florida Keys once and I called the waitress over and told her they forgot the bacon with my breakfast. She pointed to the top of the pancake stack and said the bacon was there. It was so thin, I just thought it was a scorch mark on the pancake. Talk about thin!
  21. I have been eating turkey bacon for a couple of years and frankly, it never tasted like real bacon. I recently started putting liquid hickory smoke into a small atomizer and giving the turkey bacon a very light spray. Frying it in a very light touch of olive oil makes it crisp up some. That makes it much more like the real thing, but DW says she can't stand the smell of the turkey bacon either way. 🦃 🥓
  22. I just checked, and my booking shows I am in a H6 on Breakaway. Do we get the comp'd liquor and is it a larger balcony? We will have three adults in the suite and I'm concerned that the balcony will only have two chairs.
  23. I did, I'll be in an H4 family suite. 🤷‍♂️
  24. Are the beverage amenities listed in the Welcome Aboard Haven PDF complimentary?
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