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  1. May I suggest for Undress Night that the men could wear Speedos? I will wear at least a coconut bra to keep things off of the dinner plate.
  2. We are booked on Liberty for March of 2021. I just took a quick peek, and it looks like there's one more sailing that embarks on March 28th. Was not expecting that! Maybe try through a travel agent to see if they have any blocks of rooms available?
  3. Quick question - Where does one find out if their offer is still pending? We received an offer to enter a bid that would upgrade us from an Owner's Suite to a Royal Suite. We put the bid in well over a month ago for the 11/20 Enchantment of the Seas cruise, and I'm antsy. Or curious. Or a mixture of both. Thanks in advance!
  4. I would be really careful about waiting for the concierge to take you from the ship. We are able to drive to our home port and we always stay in suites. On our Liberty cruise last year we were instructed to wait at the Schooner Bar for the escort. There were a lot of us waiting. And waiting. And waiting. There was some kind of major snafu, and we didn't get off of the ship until well after 10:00. Include having to go through customs, we didn't leave the port area until around noon. If we had a flight to catch after that, I probably would have had a heart attack!
  5. We took one of our first cruises on Liberty and absolutely loved it. The most fun that we had was listening to Jamie's piano music at the Schooner Bar playing late into the night. You may or may not know, but is he no longer on the ship? I was looking at the Cruise Compasses you posted and didn't see any mention of him. It's a total bummer if he's no longer there.
  6. I was talking with our TA today, and she said it would be Allure. I didn't think to ask how she knew, but I'm gonna run with it. 😎
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