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  1. I like others have decided to consider other cruise lines for my next cruise, and no longer consider NCL my favorite line. I Wonder if NCL really thought this through. Let's say they see the negative impact this change has made down the road, so they back track somewhat to improve things (whatever that might be). Do they really think guests who have left and discovered other cruise lines will cancel their other cruises and come back to NCL. I highly doubt it. You would have to wonder if you returned if they again would make a negative change before your cruise. Do you trust them? Then there's also the loss of income from a decline in future cruise next certificates for NCL. This could also impact a customer's decision not to book because they don't have a stockpile of certificates to use anymore. I think it will take years before they see the final outcome from just this one change.
  2. We will be sailing the Bliss next month. I just wish I had another cruise booked afterwards, so I would have the satisfaction of canceling. I'll be looking elsewhere for my future cruises, and they won't notice that I've specifically left. I'll be sure to fill out my comment cards and complete the survey (which is almost useless).
  3. On my last sailings of the Escape & the Jade, I was very disappointed to find them pre-mixing many of their signature drinks in huge dispensers that were left sitting on the back counters and on the bars. This was especially gross at the Spice bar after they were sitting out in the sun all afternoon separating. I made a point to avoid these bars and drinks. This was a huge sign of the beverage package decline. I'll be Platinum Plus after my next cruise in a few weeks. After 20 plus cruises, all but 4 on NCL, I will be taking a hard look at the other lines. I'm saddened that it's finally come to that point!
  4. Had to try the new photo upload, and it's so much better! Here's a pic of Clarence and his hat from our Escape Cruise 9/17. We loved him! He was like family on our Escape cruise.
  5. They picked up across from the terminals on the other side of the meridian strip where the porters take your luggage. It was fairly easy if you know the type of vehicle and watch for it.
  6. Does the Dawn have any good inside viewing areas for sail away since drydock? I'm not seeing much on the deck plans.
  7. Your comment about the walkers had me envisioning "The Walking Dead" for a moment! That was creepy! lol
  8. Livin & Lovin every minute of your trip!! We'll be sailing on the Dawn 12/30 for New Years Eve, and love seeing the new Dawn through your lenses!! If you're ready for another cruise come join us for New Years. I think you'd fit right in with our group of 50 or so!! Thanks for posting!
  9. Anyone been on the Pearl recently who can give us a Zumba update?
  10. We are a group of 3 women leaving on the Getaway in just 10 days. We have cruised before with 3 of us in a balcony on another cruise line. We booked the spa balcony hoping it will be useful for showers, not to mention the rest of the amenities. If you're not in a hurry to book, I can let you know how it worked out after we get back!
  11. Just checked our Summary for 9/20 and we're changed as well!! :)
  12. Does anyone know which day they have the tour for the Platinum Latitudes on the Getaway?
  13. Thanks! I found it on Day 5 @ 4 pm. They're usually held on sea days, but this one was on the St. Thomas day!
  14. If I remember correctly, I think it was $30 plus the gratuity.
  15. When I look at our Vacation Summary for our up-coming cruise, I see at the bottom of each day: Amenity Details: AMO50 & UDP. Any ideas as to what this is? I thought UDP was the unlimited dining program, but that wasn't offered when we booked.
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