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  1. Wondering if Platinum Plus are given earlier arrival times than those cruising for the first time, or they're all the same.
  2. Our very first cruise was on the NCL Wind back in 2006. They had 10 or 11 day cruises sailing from Honolulu. 5 days in Hawaiian ports (2 Maui, Kona, Hilo & Kauai) 2 sea days to Fanning Island (1 day) and 2 days back to Honolulu. We loved that trip, and have been waiting for them to return to Fanning. There were a lot of people who complained about the 2 days there and 2 days back. It was as if they hadn't read their itinerary and knew nothing about it. Made us kind of laugh about it. I love my sea days, and would love to repeat that itinerary!
  3. We're like many who have to decide if we want to make final payment for a cruise that we know will not happen. We're booked on the Pride for a 2/6 sail date. If we make final payment and NCL cancels what are they providing currently in the terms of FCC or discount for future cruise. Trying to decide if we want to make final payment or just cancel. Is it worth it. We do plan to rebook the cruise for 2022, and the prices are so much higher a discount might be worth making the final payment. I know there's always the possability of bankruptcy, but not too worried about that issue. Thanks for any guidance.
  4. I would love the tour that you've put together. It looks like you have helped so many! Thanks for sharing and the all the work you've put into this, maybe you should write a travel book! stevertami@gmail.com
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