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  1. Just checked the Royal website and summer 2021 cruises from Bayonne are up! We always cruise in late August and it looks like our choices will be 4 night cruises to Canada on Freedom of the Seas, 5 night cruises to Bermuda on Freedom of the Seas, or 7 night cruises to the Bahamas on Oasis of the Seas.
  2. Just got back from our second cruise to Bermuda on Anthem. I was very curious about what changes we might experience compared to the previous year. Positive changes: Absolutely no begging for scores of “10” this year, which last year had been constant extremely attentive head waiter and more efficient dining room overall (last year’s waiter seemed stretched thin and meals dragged on forever.) better quality of food in Windjammer. Maybe we just were smarter about what to choose but we enjoyed our food a lot more this time around. better pizza in Sorrento’s. Only had it once was it was tastier than I expected. extremely friendly and thorough room attendant and two towel animals- a bunny and a bat (last year we only got one towel animal- an elephant) the royal app worked great and was very helpful Happy to report there were no negative changes! Great cruise overall. I am looking forward to trying Oasis next summer when Anthem heads to Europe but I would gladly sail on Anthem again in the future.
  3. WiFi and WhatsApp is great for texting aboard the ship!
  4. We definitely saw her while we were still docked! Facing the rear of the ship, she was on the left side (sorry, I never remember the technical names.)
  5. Category 1K on deck 11- ultra spacious oceanview- might be a good match.
  6. Just saved $45 by cancelling my three device surf n stream and rebooking it. Then I booked the refreshment package for $17/day, which is a dollar less per day than I paid last year. So excited!
  7. I also don’t like the loud announcements, pleas and jokes via intercom- very annoying.
  8. Disposable shower caps from the dollar store work great as plate covers- I did this several times to bring cheese and crackers back to the room. If you are bringing back anything other than finger foods, don’t forget to grab silverware too or bring a few plastic forks and spoons to keep in your cabin.
  9. We are android users and found texting via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp very easy and reliable while on Anthem.
  10. Soda packages don’t seem to even go on sale. They used to be $8.50/day- for my August 2019 cruise, they are $9.99. Voom prices vary quite a bit- often in the $14/day per device range but lower with sales. Good luck!
  11. My beverage packages aren’t on sale yet but I just got Voom for 40% off- hooray!
  12. I don’t love crowds but was able to mostly avoid them on Anthem. I just stayed away from the on-board shops during special promotions, the outdoor pool in the afternoons on sunny days (indoor pool was great all day!) and tried not to eat in windjammer at peak times. I absolutely hate the smell of smoke and was pleasantly surprised to find it fairly mild in the casino, especially the non-smoking slots area closest to the main dining room.
  13. Our waiter and assistant waiter seemed perpetually overwhelmed- seems like they had more tables that they could reasonably handle. Water glasses went unrefilled for 20 minute stretches, requested drinks never arrived, never offered more bread... Our waiter seemed not to be able to handle what felt like simple requests (I asked for a plate of just asparagus and spinach because they were offered as sides with proteins I don’t eat. She brought spinach and potatoes. I asked for strawberries and she brought mixed fruit, no strawberries...) Everyone was very nice and seemed to genuinely want to please us but the execution wasn’t fully there.
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