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  1. Well, the thing is, there are Caribbean cruises scheduled for Jan-Apr of 2021 on HAL's website. All of the other cruise lines are taking reservations for fall/winter 2021. Plus, HAL is offering cruises to Europe, S America, Panama Canal, Hawaii and Mexico for Nov 2021... but no Caribbean.
  2. I have been waiting to book a Caribbean cruise for Nov 2021. Still no cruises listed on HAL website. Anyone know what is going on?
  3. Thank you all so much for your replies,,, I feel much better. I don't know how to pull a quote from another thread, but post #30 from "Thoughts about Suites" is what worried me: "Luminae on Equinox last year was wonderful. However, with the terrible new menus, it seems that Miami has changed the serving process in Luminae. Just finishing up a 10 day cruise in the Penthouse on the Reflection. Luminae was very poor. EXTREMELY slow service. Seems they have cut the staff. The “runner” who used to get orders from the kitchen no longer exists. The waiters now do it. Hostess is now cleaning and resetting tables. maitre’d was serving bread. Makes for a very slow service. Along with the new menus, Luminae is no longer worth visiting. " On second look, I see that the second Luminae experience mentioned is on the Reflection, so there's that. Anyway, from all of the above reassurances, I will put my fears to rest.
  4. OK, I guess I wasn't very clear. I've seen the actual menus, but I was looking for opinions about recent dining experiences with the new menus. Quality of food, quality of service. That's a helpful link, though. Thanks.
  5. We have booked our first suite ever (a Sky Suite) on the Equinox mainly for the Luminae experience. I saw a post recently that reported the new menus (starting in Oct 2019?) are not nearly as good as the previous menus. Now I am having second thoughts about spending all the extra money if the Luminae dining experience is a victim of more cost-cutting. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. OK, so I am the OP and am on the Reflection and there was NO prime rib in the MDR on the first night. It was on night 3 ad will be on the last night. What a surprise. So we went to Tuscan the first night to get the discount,
  7. Thanks everybody... that helps with my dining plans.
  8. Can anyone on Reflection tell me if the MDR still serves prime rib on night 1? Will be on in 7 days!! Thanks.
  9. Is the dining trio package (2 specialty dinners and one lunch) for $100 available onboard? Or does it have to be purchased online ahead of time. Thanks
  10. Does anyone have a guess when the fall-winter 2021 Caribbean schedule will be released? Thanks
  11. Thanks for all of your insights. Just to clarify, the reviews in the "review" section that I read were from Dec 2018 and Jan 2019, so "teething" issues for Kdam would be a moot point. And the NS, which is the newer ship got great reviews (take a look). But if the Kdam is not even going to be in the Caribbean in Nov 2020-Dec 2021, then I'm spinning my wheels for nothing. If that is the case, I may have to reconsider the 10 or 11 night itineraries. There are several reasons why this would not be my first choice, and I may decide to wait ANOTHER year. I've wanted to try HAL for awhile, but need a wheelchair accessible cabin, and many of the ships prior to these two have very limited cabins for full-time wheelchair users. (I've been in a wc since I was 27 yo). Again, thanks for all of the thoughtful replies.
  12. Hi. We want to try HAL on one of these ships. We currently enjoy X, NCL and MSC YC. We are looking to do a 7 night in Nov 2020. The NS schedule is out, but they are all 10 or 11 nights. K schedule is not out yet, but I am assuming that it will have 7 night cruises (the reverse of 2019). Here is my concern. In reading the reviews for these two ships, the NS gets glowing reviews, but the K'dam's reviews are mostly "disappointing", "not for us", "never again", etc. From those of you who have sailed both ships, is there really a difference? (I understand that the physical ships are identical). We were looking for a new cruise line to add to our mix. Food, wine, evening entertainment and nice bars/lounges are important to us. Thanks.
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