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  1. Maybe we will get a new "She Sheer She Shed". I hope we will not need it!!! I'm scheduled to be on Coco Cay this Sunday and I just got an email today from Royal Up congratulating me on my upgrade.
  2. The most important piece of advice that I would like to give you, is to pick one cruise line and stick with them. The loyalty programs have awesome benefits!!! I wish someone had told me that 50 years ago. But, if you don't plan on cruising a lot, it's not as important. We cruised to Alaska in July on Princess (for a Cousins Cruise) and we really missed our loyalty perks from Royal. (Glacier Bay is BEAUTIFUL!)
  3. Thanks to everyone that shared suggestions. I truly enjoyed reading them. One thing I would like to add that I did not see here is to bring a Yeti Tumbler to keep your drinks hot when you're on deck.
  4. I want to share a funny story here. Last year we were on RCCL President's Cruise. My husband was in his favorite suit and I had on a beautiful cocktail dress. On our way to dinner, I heard a lady ask her husband why we were dressed so nice and he said "I don't know, something about lobster night".
  5. We are doing the Northbound cruise/land tour in July, which is why I am following this thread. There are so many things we need to pack (for hiking, being close to the glaciers, for the Enclave/Spa, plus for dining). We change planes twice and will be staying in Vancouver for two nights before the cruise. So.....I am trying to pack as much as I can manage, but still dress appropriately for formal night. We normally cruise four times a year and my husband enjoys wearing a suit for formal night, but on this long trip, I think he will wear nice slacks, a collared shirt and a sweater/vest.
  6. Thanks, I think I am going to do the same thing.
  7. This is a great question. What did you do? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!!!
  8. We have one of these cabins booked for next year and I'm trying to find out if I should be concerned about noise. Can you advise me on this area? Thanks!
  9. Also, how did most people dress for formal night and for the specialty restaurants? Would Country Club Casual be out of place?
  10. Thanks for your review!!! We are going soon, so this is very helpful. I'm trying to decide if I should take snorkel gear or if the water will be too cold. Any advice?
  11. We did not have a refrigerator in our inside cabin, deck 3. All of the shows were excellent!!! The first time we were on Majesty we had a junior suite. It was the smallest JS we have had. It was more like a large balcony cabin in size, but did have a bath tub and walk in closet which was nice.
  12. I have been concerned about this information also, but as far as I can tell, someone was misinformed. I have seen a lot more posts from people that have called and C&A knows nothing about the internet benefits being changed. Sorry, it looks like I was the one misinformed. It's being reported from two different ships now.
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