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  1. 1. 2 and 3 people 2. yes (9 month old) 3. no 4. maybe spring break for some (March 27th)
  2. I called a Casino Host minutes after I got the email. She told me to wait because my cabin hasn't been changed yet. I haven't heard anything concerning my other cruises booked for that time period. I wonder if only certain cabins will be effected. As I said earlier, I have two cabins booked on the sailing that I got the email about. Both are next to connecting cabins. I wonder if they are freeing up that area for family and friends that are sailing together, but that's a guess.
  3. Nice! Congratulations on the deal. I think I've had that Host twice and she is the best ever at using every possible discount available. I tried to get her personal extension, but she said that's not the way it works. I just lucked out to get her again.
  4. I was told this new policy is from November through the end of March.
  5. I received this email for our cruise on Harmony in March. I have two cabins booked, one Oceanview Balcony and one Boardwalk Balcony. I'm not sure which one will be changed. I'm also booked on Allure in November and on Brilliance in February for a B2B. I've not heard about any changes to these cabins.
  6. I like the lobster in the main dining room better than in the Coastal Kitchen.
  7. Mainly I didn't like the small casino, but I didn't like the layout of the ship either. Serenade is a pretty ship and we enjoyed the Solarium and the indoor movie theater. As you say she's a favorite for some people, but for me she is one of the few ships I will not sail on again. We are booked on Brilliance and I hope she will change my mind about that class of ships. Enjoy Alaska and the Panama Canal!
  8. Oasis - Allure Quantum - Anthem Freedom - Freedom Brilliance - Did not like Serenade, looking forward to Brilliance Voyager - Mariner Vision - Enchantment Sovereign - Majesty Overall - Allure
  9. It all depends on the capacity and availability of cabins on your sailing. I think more people are learning about the Royal Up program and placing bids. Good luck!
  10. It doesn't matter if you have checked in or not. On the top right hand side of Royal's website you should see "Manage My Cruise". Click on that and go to the bottom of the page until you see "Royal Up". Click on that and put in your last name and reservation number.
  11. We were on Odyssey last month and didn't get off at Aruba, but noticed the same thing in Curacao. We walked around that morning. Many shops closed and some opened around noon.
  12. I only saw them out once and that was when I was corrected for touching the Christmas ornament. It was a small area, no shirts for sale. Only a few things and the salesperson would hold up anything that you wanted to see closer.
  13. Great pictures Russ! I enjoyed meeting you briefly. Thanks for speaking! We looked for you and your family around the flowrider. I'm glad you all had a good time. It should be a lot of fun with 60 friends. We used to cruise with a group and it's always special.
  14. I didn't see any for $10, but they did have some pretty ones in the one shop we went in.
  15. Not that either. I enjoy watching people have fun, just didn't see it. No one was shopping in the beautiful shops. I went in once to buy a few things, but I couldn't touch anything. The salesperson had to hold up everything for me to look at. I was corrected when I touched a Christmas ornament and was told that everything that was touched had to be pulled back and cleaned. We watched a couple of movies outside from the suite area and never saw more than a dozen people below in the pool area. We went to the suite lounge a few times and only saw one or two other families in there. "The Book" was awesome! People were at the shows and in the casino. Other places felt like we were on a private ship. We walked around the beautiful town in Curacao. Many of their stores were closed and not many people were walking around. The one long line we saw was at some kind of Government building. At dinner that evening in the Coastal Kitchen, someone said that Cozumel was like that the week before. We had a Grand Suite and it was the best part of the cruise.
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