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  1. I generally travel solo and I generally do offer a tip to steward and butler when first meeting. I explain to them that I realize that my pre-paid gratuities are only half what they'd be for a normally occupied cabin even though I doubt that their efforts will be only 1/2. To me this is more about evening things up from the start for the people I feel are most impacted by the way corporate handles solo travelers than it is some sort of "bribery". Given all the expressed concerns about the b word on here, I assume that many must suffer ethically by having to pay for their cruise prior to debarkation...stooping to bribing the cruise line to get them safely thru the voyage...:-)
  2. The SS1's that could really be worth going for on the Connie are 6131/32 and 6145/46, each with substantially larger balconies than other sky suites. My faves are 6131/32. On the Millennium class ships, at least on deck 6, location is the big difference, with SS2s located above the lifeboats. The one Millennium class SS2 I've sailed was not noticeably smaller than SS. My intro to suites on Celeb was an SS2 GTY on Summit--LOVED it, so I wouldn't worry too much if you can't make a switch! have a great trip!
  3. If you have any curiosity about the running of the ship I'd say go for it! They do a great job of running things--everyone gets a wireless headset so that you hear the guide and whichever officer is explaining a given section. While the Bridge is always a treat I remain fascinated with the laundry myself. i've done the tour on a few ships and haven't gotten bored of it.
  4. Jim Already enjoying your newest blog, thanks and bon voyage! If you guys haven't visited the Etruscan tombs in Tarquinia and are at loose ends on turn-around day when back @ Civitavecchia, you might check them out. It's not a long car/taxi ride from the port and they're pretty impressive. Last time I was there with a friend we had most of the site to ourselves. The museum in the town is also worth a stop. Good website regarding the tombs: Etruscan tombs. David
  5. In my experience on Summit, Equinox and Reflection, that tended to be a little too much to hope for...on the other hand, the veggie patties are so bad (and take such a long time to prepare) that you won't miss much if you simply avoid them. On a happier note, they do a great job regarding veterinarian preferences throughout the rest of the ship. Those veggie burgers really have been my sole disappointment foodwise. If you're in Luminae and give them a day's notice, the kitchen can produce a really tasty veg burger...but you have to specify that you don't want the standard one otherwise the same cardboard served at Mast Grill will be served up. I generally do that on a couple of sea day lunches.
  6. OP-- Many thanks for your sharing this idea. I confess to being a little surprised at the criticism you've gotten on here. I have found myself wondering how to say thank you beyond just the cash and you provided a really neat approach. Thanks!
  7. I have never had a problem getting okay times when waiting to book spa treatments on board...but i generally take care of all that on embarkation day. Further along in cruises I have overheard folks at the spa desk having to compromise more than they'd hoped in order to get a booking. To some degree I guess it depends on how picky you are with timing. For the spa I don't care that much as long as my general time/day preferences work out, but am very choosy when it comes to dining so will pay a premium to book specialty dinners one by one prior to departure in order to know that I won't have to compromise on those. (I realize that the dining bookings do qualify for OBC but the way i book i tend to only have a few hundred anyway so it's not a factor in my SD reservation making.) Happy planning...and even happier traveling!!
  8. Although from posts on here it sounds like some folks are achieving that, officially it's not the case. " Captain’s Club members that received their M life Rewards tier status through our partnership Tier Match program are not eligible to receive onboard M life Rewards benefits. " (sourse: https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/casino/m-life-partnerships) I'm Celebrity Elite + and Mlife Gold..I haven't used the status match to Mlife Platinum because I didn't want to miss out on the OBC (and actually status matched the Mlife from Caesars TotalRewardsDiamond.) Now that it's sounding like they're being more generous, I might risk it. db PS Paul, MANY thanks for another great trip report!
  9. With apologies for offering non-requested suggestions: 1) I didn't do the ship's tour to Grenada, but did do a 3rd party already praised by another poster. (if that's not the one you're waitlisted with, you might give them a try; for what it is, it's very well done.) BUT if you're in a position to do something other than an organized tour(and don't mind missing Alhambra), I'd suggest taking the train up to Cordoba to visit the Mosque/Cathedral, explore the other sites and then hop a train back to Malaga. The trip is under an hour via high speed train, and while the Alhambra is an amazing place, the day trip, even at its best doesn't do it justice AND the mosque of Cordoba is breathtaking.
  10. Hi there. Curious whether Persian Garden on Silhouette is similar to Reflection ( including Ice room for example) or if its more inline with Equinox. Thanks! db
  11. Stayed in 2108, S1 up front. Really didn't care for the room. 1st) wind made balcony a noisy place to be any time ship was underway; 2nd) just under the solarium, noise wasn't too bad OTHER than the night they held silent disco up there. That was the only really unbearable occurrence; 3rd) I don't much care for the overhang-- not much sun in the day time and no stargazing at night; 4th) For me that's too high--too much like being in an ocean front highrise--i like being closer to the water. On the other hand, balcony is nice sized and it's in a great location for getting to the spa etc.
  12. Grande Bretagne is an excellent choice-- Don't miss breakfast up on the roof! The thermal suite spa is a great spot for unwinding. Accommodations wise for just a night you can't go wrong with any of their rooms, but a butler room on the Square is a nice treat. With all that said, if your tastes run more towards contemporary lux, the King George, literally next door is a nice spot as well. With time being somewhat short, I'd highly recommend the museum of Cycladic Art, about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. It's one of my favorite collections in the world and won't take you long to visit.
  13. I've been in all 4 ports in the past 6 months, San Juan and St. Martin most recently in October. Both are back up and running. Even La Samanna has finally reopened in St. Martin. This of course depends on what you enjoy, but I'd put both stops miles ahead of Key West. While I'm not wild about Cozumel, if you have an interest in non-eurocentric history, Chichen Itza is fabulous. I recommend Fly Cozumel's air package. Other than the pre-columbian history aspect that Cozumel offers, I'd do the Eastern itinerary hands down. Either way, have a great trip!
  14. Looking forward to your newest trip report over the next several days! The PH St. Kitts is an awesome place to spend the day! Included in the package is use of the spa--don't miss the very private and delightful outside showers in the spa. (I also found that the lockers in there made a good spot for dropping some of my beachbag contents for the day.)
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