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  1. Hi there. Curious whether Persian Garden on Silhouette is similar to Reflection ( including Ice room for example) or if its more inline with Equinox. Thanks! db
  2. Stayed in 2108, S1 up front. Really didn't care for the room. 1st) wind made balcony a noisy place to be any time ship was underway; 2nd) just under the solarium, noise wasn't too bad OTHER than the night they held silent disco up there. That was the only really unbearable occurrence; 3rd) I don't much care for the overhang-- not much sun in the day time and no stargazing at night; 4th) For me that's too high--too much like being in an ocean front highrise--i like being closer to the water. On the other hand, balcony is nice sized and it's in a great location for getting to the spa etc.
  3. Grande Bretagne is an excellent choice-- Don't miss breakfast up on the roof! The thermal suite spa is a great spot for unwinding. Accommodations wise for just a night you can't go wrong with any of their rooms, but a butler room on the Square is a nice treat. With all that said, if your tastes run more towards contemporary lux, the King George, literally next door is a nice spot as well. With time being somewhat short, I'd highly recommend the museum of Cycladic Art, about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. It's one of my favorite collections in the world and won't take you long to visit.
  4. I've been in all 4 ports in the past 6 months, San Juan and St. Martin most recently in October. Both are back up and running. Even La Samanna has finally reopened in St. Martin. This of course depends on what you enjoy, but I'd put both stops miles ahead of Key West. While I'm not wild about Cozumel, if you have an interest in non-eurocentric history, Chichen Itza is fabulous. I recommend Fly Cozumel's air package. Other than the pre-columbian history aspect that Cozumel offers, I'd do the Eastern itinerary hands down. Either way, have a great trip!
  5. Looking forward to your newest trip report over the next several days! The PH St. Kitts is an awesome place to spend the day! Included in the package is use of the spa--don't miss the very private and delightful outside showers in the spa. (I also found that the lockers in there made a good spot for dropping some of my beachbag contents for the day.)
  6. I don't think that I've seen one in Sky Suites, but Celebrity Suites always have a small bluetooth speaker, I forget the brandname. I've not used it because I travel with a couple of JBL flip4's which I love. In terms of others "oversharing" their music on balconies, I've found guest services to be really helpful and haven't ever had to make more than one request. Have a great trip.
  7. At least on Reflection,Summit and Equinox its just the sauna that's free and in the dressing rooms.Steam is in the PG
  8. Thanks for doing this!Looking forward to following your adventure. I appreciated your January trip report--it inspired me to spend a day @ the St. Kitts Park Hyatt a little later that month... awesome place!
  9. In place of the standard afternoon snacks, I ask for the same daily delivery-- a dozen shrimp (plus, on a couple trips, a plate of hummus with crackers and veggies)--to be delivered between 5 and 530. It's not been a problem in either suite or aqua class this year on Summit, Equinox & Reflection. For me, those beat the passed nibbles @ elite cocktail hour.
  10. Neat video! Also interesting to see how they edit... did you notice that the Daily featured at about 17:47 minutes in is NOT for the trip he's reporting on? 🙂
  11. Hi there. I am holding a reservation for that trip too! ( still toying with a trip on a much smaller ship instead...) I continue to be amazed at how it still doesn't show up as a TA...gotta love their website! But to you situation: I have found myself in similar situations with Celebrity's website offering things that corporate didn't intend. Their position seems to be "if you can complete the booking we'll honor it." If the site is working for you ( for me it's been down for the past hour) you might try to complete a booking with the perks then play switch around if you like your current cabin more. Good luck.
  12. Celebrity uses a younger crust...
  13. Thanks for the the great review! Sounds like it was a super week.( One of the things I value most about some ports are that they provide me with a fabulous reason to stay on board and enjoy a quieter day!:-) )
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