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  1. Thanks all.... we will be in Europe ending in Rome. They say arrival time is 5 AM.
  2. Thanks for the comprehensive review!! I have a question about breakfast times on the day of disembarkation. Do you have a dailie for the last day? Or a listing of the options. We would be having breakfast in Blu if possible. Thanks.
  3. If it matters, we will be on the Edge. (I tried searching for this info but have a hard time getting the search to find the posts that answer my question) I thank you in advance.
  4. Regarding your TIP, Is it difficult to print boarding passes at the airport kiosks? Don’t they recognize the electronic boarding pass on your phone? Just wondering why the warning for this airport.
  5. Ship is supposed to dock at 5 AM. What is earliest time to be able to self disembark? AND does the Edge have a printer available so that we can print our boarding passes? thanks.
  6. Since you have recent experience in Rome, do you know what time the non-suite passengers were allowed to disembark?
  7. The first leg of our trip is into Munich on Lufthansa. Are flights within the Schengen area still 3 hours ahead?
  8. I am interested in those who have experienced departures from FCO. I am reading horror stories on-line about long delays getting through the airport. We are arriving on the Edge next May into Civitavecchia. I want to book a private transfer (probably RomeCabs). How much travel time from port to airport (FCO)? How far ahead of flight time should I plan to arrive at FCO (flight is at Noon)?
  9. BE CAREFUL! The “wider place / cut out “ in the deck plan diagrams do NOT correspond with the bed in all cases. It drove me cray until I did an exhaustive search. At least on deck 10 aft, I have verified by watching review videos (and looking at the cabin spreadsheet on CC) that on the Port side the wider place is where the bed is BUT on the starboard side it is opposite. Specifically search on YouTube for the Edge cabin review of 10222. The video shows the bed by the bathroom yet the floor plan “wider segment” indicates the bed by the window / balcony/ IV. Even the Celebrity rep tried to tell me that based on the floor plan, 10222 would be bed by balcony. ITS CRAZY! And would be very unfortunate if you spent a lot of money only to find the bed in the “wrong” position. Celebrity needs to fix their diagram on the website.
  10. I have the Case Sapphire Preferred card but just learned of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card with it’s increased benefits (including some medical and evacuation coverage). It has a higher yearly fee but reimburses you for $300 of travel expenses, $100 for Global entry (TSA PreCheck) and gives a Priority Pass for access to airport lunges worldwide along with increased airline points. It is something to consider.
  11. I haven’t been on the Edge but I can answer the drink package questions from experience on other ships. When you order a drink they check your room card in order see what drink package you have and if the drink is within your limits, they just give you the card back. Nothing to sign. Mandatory gratuities are included in the package. You are not charged extra. You can always ‘Up-tip’ with cash if you want. The MDR is open for lunch on sea days only. On the Edge, I don’t know which one of the MDR is open. It is open seating.
  12. Thanks. Did you notice any station in the buffet that served Chinese or Japanese type food?
  13. Thank you! Yes, that is what I mean.( I couldn’t find the right words. ) AND now I have my answer. Thanks again.
  14. Do they ever offer sushi in the OCV buffet? We will be in The Edge in the Mediterranean. Cheers....
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