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  1. For what it is worth: China has almost no Rh negative blood type. My family are all Rh negative and when we lived in Singapore, we were asked to be on-call by the local hospital in case a European/ American needed blood. They didn’t have any Rh negative blood in their blood bank. This article shows the distribution by country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_distribution_by_country
  2. Remember - Each country has its' own travel restrictions that the Cruise line has to factor in. No point in cruising if there is nowhere to go. This list is 2 weeks old but still applies in most cases. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/03/coronavirus-travel-restrictions-border-shutdowns-country-200318091505922.html
  3. The title is “Celebrity giving a restart HINT”. I didn’t read through 5 pages but jumped to the end to see the latest info but it was all about Big Pharma. Is there any info / hint about a Restart?
  4. I checked in to see if there is a Re-Start Hint. Has anyone seen/ read a Hint? It sure would be nice to see the cruises get started again.
  5. Help me understand. I have the Classic beverage package and want the Premium. I will be sailing out of Barcelona. Am I better off to upgrade before I go because of taxes? Can you upgrade just one beverage package and not both when doing it online?
  6. I just booked yesterday for late summer 2021 in Europe and got $1200 discount using the Group rate with a Big Box TA. I was shocked because I am used to the piddly $50 dining credit as the benefit for booking at the Group rate. Don’t let the TA discourage you. They often say we don’t have a Group rate for that sailing but I insist that they check with Celebrity and most times they do.
  7. Well, I guess “2 rants make a right”
  8. Is there any precedent for Celebrity to cancel existing cruises in order to rehab a ship? Connie is booked through March 2022. Maybe her rehab will be then along with the mechanical inspection that is required in 2022. I hope not because she is too shabby as she is now (based on other reviews) to represent the Celebrity image.
  9. I see Constellation is 'underway' now. Any idea where she is going?
  10. Not trying to be greedy....But... if you got the 10% off loyalty discount, you can't also get the upgrade - right?
  11. Well now..... I never saw those offers in writing........ glad you guys are paying attention.
  12. anyone stay in 10226 or 10217 Inside cabins? (or comparable on other floors) Is the hallway in front of your door accessible to all ?
  13. How did you guys know when the Loyalty Discount was going to expire? Was there small print somewhere?
  14. YUP .... I knew that the Flash sale was set to expire but didn’t know when the Loyalty discount was going to go away. As always “prices are subject to change”. It’s all good, I have a cruise booked for next Fall that I got the loyalty discount on. I was just watching a couple of others. Cruise Critic boards do a GREAT service to spread the word. Thanks all!
  15. Celebrity introduced a 10% discount 2-3 weeks ago. I had to educate our Big Box TA. If you put in your Captains Club number and hit ‘apply’ on the website where it asks “see if you qualify for offers” on the page where it asks “how many guests in your room”. I learned about it here on CruiseCritic. This site is a wealth of information.
  16. I have been tracking 2 different cruises and today the website is not giving a discount after entering the Captains Club number (and hitting ‘apply’). I realize the Flash Sale is done but was hoping the CC discount would continue. Has anyone had different results?
  17. Does anyone know actual real differences between Edge and Apex or is it still just conjecture and wishful thinking?
  18. I vaguely remember someone saying you had to access hallway with keycard. I thought they might have doors for fire suppression. If the hallway is available some in our group want to be Port and others Starboard. It would be convenient.
  19. I am specifically interested to know if you can get from Port to Starboard by accessing the hallway to the interior cabins behind the midship elevators. I am looking at Deck 10 around cabins 10226. Thanks!
  20. We have decided to book The Apex next fall in Aqua Class. I assume the cabin arrangement will be comparable to The Edge. Any suggestions for the “best” location for Aqua Class cabin?
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