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  1. You mean like 1501. Way up front Port side? I Am prone to seasickness and thought there would be too much movement up there. Do I understand you correctly?
  2. Thanks for the info. It sure beats waiting for hours on hold to ask Celebrity. You guys are such a wealth of information.
  3. THEN CALL ME STUPID! I want to see the ship head towards the shipyard so that it gets a new refreshed look ...light and bright. What is the harm in that? I am not in a suite and I don’t care about suite amenities. But I do care to spend my vacation dollars in a first class environment without stains on the carpet, tears in the upholstery and rust on the railings. The itinerary is the one I want, the ship was supposed to be refurbished and I am still optimistic that it can happen. No one is asking you to track the meandering of the ship. Why so hostile?
  4. It looks like the A1 Aquaclass cabins are under the pool deck. Did you all find that noisy? What would you say is the best location for Aquaclass?
  5. I have booked my first choice cruise for 2021 on Constellation but if she is not revolutionized or remodeled, I will cancel and would like to go on my 2nd choice cruise on The Edge. The problem is that they are the same dates. Will Celebrity let me book both while I wait to see if they remodel The Constellation?
  6. Thanks! I am still hoping to see Connie heading to a shipyard for remodeling. 🤞
  7. Any movement of the ships still in European waters?
  8. I have the same concerns over the condition of Connie. I like to cruise on ‘new’ ships that do not show wear and tear- worn carpet, stains on sofas, rust on balcony railings, etc. I may be fussy about these issues but I have a choice and that is what I choose. I have read reviews of Connie from her last few cruises using terms like “aging gracefully” and “tired and worn out“. This concerns me and I just want to know what I am buying. I am currently booked for Sept 2021 on Connie. I had assumed she would be revolutionized by then. I am bringing along 3 other cabins of family new to Celebrity and want to give them a good first impression. We selected the cruise based on itinerary and don’t see other options but will cancel if she is not remodeled.
  9. Do you have some ‘inside’ information?
  10. Thanks. I have the HARDEST time figuring out how to use the search feature.
  11. Those deck 10 forward cabins are still being sold as AquaClass on Venice to Greece next Fall. I wonder why.
  12. I believe the Celebrity quote on remodeling is more accurately COMING SOON.
  13. So if they don’t remodel/ revolutionize Connie, will they continue to use her in her disheveled condition ? If not, what happens to the booked up cruises in 2021 (when I am confident they will be sailing again)? I see the Venice-Greece Cruise has 6 sailings and is very popular.
  14. Terry, You seem well versed in “all things Venice”. Do you have any info on Venice limiting future cruise ships from docking post Coronavirus? The shutdown has given Venecians a glimpse into a tourist free Venice both good and bad. What does the future hold?
  15. Any word on the opening of shipyards in Europe so that refurbishment or revolution can happen? I know that money is an issue but for Connie, they have already procured the supplies since she was set to “revolt “ in May. Now they need the manpower to do the work....... wishful thinking on my part.
  16. Any word on the opening of shipyards in Europe so that refurbishment or revolution can happen? I know that money is an issue but for Connie, they have already procured the supplies since she was set to “revolt “ in May. Now they need the manpower to do the work....... wishful thinking on my part.
  17. Ever wonder why Celebrity cruise ships have an X on them? Apparently the cruise line was originally a Greek company Chandris Cruises and the Greek letter chi (being the first letter in Chandris) was their symbol. After it was purchased by Royal Caribbean (parent of Celebrity), they kept the symbol.
  18. We have booked 4 cabins on Connie Sept 2021 but will cancel if she is not refurbished. The issue is not the ‘revolution’ - I think the weird big chair looks impractical and the lack of table is just plain wrong- but I hear she looks tired and old. I want the 3 family member couples to have a top-notch experience on their first Celebrity Cruise. please - oh please - refurbish Connie!
  19. I agree with the need for a Connie refurb. I don’t care about the revolution. If they don’t do at least that, we will cancel. A shabby ship is a deal breaker. Currently booked for Sept 2021. I look forward to some decisions being made.
  20. So if they are going to Cold Storage Connie, what will happen to the cruises that are currently booking up?
  21. What will they do if they don’t refurbish Connie? Cancel cruises and sell her off? I see good bookings in Europe in the Fall of next year on her. I can’t see them cancelling the cruises but what do I know.
  22. We are flying into Venice from West Coast US. I haven’t figured out the transportation options yet. I am still confused about road vs canal travel - taxis vs water bus vs people mover vs ??? I know that I don’t want to lug heavy large suitcases and carryons up and down stairs in order to cross bridges. I have a lot to learn and figure out.
  23. I plan to spend a few days pre-cruise in Venice in Sept 2021. I am hoping to get some suggestions from experienced travelers. We will be lugging heavy suitcases and so need minimal stairs to access. I read that mosquitos can be an issue and window screens are not a “thing” in Venice. Also, DH is a light sleeper. Any suggestions on areas to stay? Hotels? Airbnb? Thanks.
  24. I am reading that Venice is taking a hard look (again) at not allowing “mega ships” to dock. They want to reinvent tourism now that they have experienced a quieter uncrowded city. Does anyone have inside information on the future of cruises In and out of Venice?
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