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  1. All good info..... do all the M Class ships have the same layout/ features? Folks seems partial to a particular ship (ie Connie). Do all M Class have the thermal saltwater pool in the Atrium? That sounds cool.
  2. The reports I have heard is that those cabins are TINY. I see that they have been downgraded to V2 from Aquaclass on Millennium and Summit. I wonder why Constellation has them listed as Aquaclass.
  3. I am enjoying everyone's outlook on the M Class ships especially Doubt It since we are planning on trying out Connie! I have enjoyed the S Class, E Class, Holland America & Viking Ocean. Variety is the spice of life.
  4. I have cruised on the Solstice and the Edge but an thinking about trying out the revolutionized M Class. Some people say the M Class is their favorite style of ship. I am curious ..... What makes the M Class preferable for you?
  5. Thanks for the input. My cruise is September 2021 and there are no other options right now for the Port of Venice to the Greek Isles in the Fall. I am just doing my homework on cabin locations for Aquaclass. I like the extended overhang on the balcony since I am a shade lover. I don’t sleep late but do go to bed “early” 10PMish. I would not want noise above me as I try to go to sleep. Does the pool deck have nighttime activities with music sometimes? I would assume the OVC would be quiet. Just dreaming of cruising .......someday.......when this is all behind us!
  6. I realize that there is still the BIG question of whether Constellation will be revolutionized. Celebrity reps promise “it will be revolutionized by 2021” but they can say what they want, it doesn’t make it true. I would only sail on her if the updates were done. So, I am wondering if the Revolution changes what is above on deck 10- hence changing the potential noise issues. For that matter, is it better to be more forward under the pool deck or more aft under the OVC?
  7. I am looking to book Aquaclass cabins on Deck 9 of revolutionized Constellation. The spreadsheet lists some issues with noise from above. There are contradictory reports about the same cabin in some cases. Does anyone have suggestions? Does the revolutionizing affect the noise issues? If there is a thread that has already addressed this, please share. I have a hard time with the search feature.
  8. Thanks so much for this valuable review of the new “Aqua class” deck 10 cabins. The revolutionized Constellation is selling them as AQ still and actually they have crammed 13 cabins into the space that the others has 12 cabins, so they may be even smaller! I appreciate the update.
  9. Thanks jelayne, You read my mind. I was looking at Connie Post-Revolution. Good Point that they have been downgraded on the other revolutionized ships. I wonder why they even try to list them as Aquaclass? Thanks for the save- Cruise Critic Folks are the best!
  10. I am interested to find out more about the new Deck 10 Aquaclass cabins on Revolutionized M Class ships. Anything good or bad about the location? Could you open up between balconies? Was the hallway private or were there people wandering in from the public areas nearby?
  11. This press release mentions several ships going into “Cold Layup”. Does anyone know which ones.... Connie?? And what exactly does “Cold Layup” mean? https://www.rclinvestor.com/press-releases/release/?id=1470
  12. I wondered that as well. And how long does it take to bring a ship back from Cold Layup? I am trying to determine the fate of Constellation.
  13. Do you guys know where (what country) the shipyard is that does the revolution overhaul? I was hoping it would open up in time to get Connie re-done and back in service in time for regular sailings.
  14. My question is on the condition of the Constellation. Not concerned about being ‘revolutionized’ but don’t want to cruise in a shabby ship. For those who sailed her in 2019, did you notice stains or worn areas?? We are considering a European sailing in Sept 2021.
  15. We are thinking of booking 4 cabins in a row. Can the divider between the balconies be opened so that we can socialize between balconies? thanks
  16. Do they open on all S Class ships? Does it depend on location? I would be booking in Aquaclass. Thanks.
  17. Thanks, I am aware but it is nice to visit with each other out on the balcony in the evening. This way one spouse can rest or be alone and the other can socialize without invading each other’s personal space. We have done this before on Holland America. I thought all ships had the ability to join access between balconies. Live and learn!
  18. We are weighing our options for Greek Islands next Fall. We will have 4 Aquaclass cabins. My preference is The Apex because it is New but my siblings like the idea of opening the divider between the balconies (assuming we get 4 cabins in a row) and having a large shared balcony. Can you open the dividers between balconies in Aquaclass on The Constellation? Any other ships that you can open the dividers (in Aquaclass cabins)?? Thanks!
  19. I was happily surprised that Celebrity changed their cancellation penalty for the May 15 sailing out of Civitavecchia. We are in the 25% penalty window (would be $2000+) but they only charged a $200 penalty plus a $700 FCC. So bottom line they withheld $900 for us to cancel. They say the offer is good until March 15 (60 days before sailing). Celebrity gets credit for doing what is right in a bad situation. Quote Edit
  20. It doesn’t help the confusion that the US State Dept and CDC have different travel alert classification levels.
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