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  1. It gets credited back to your card as credit, not back as points.
  2. No, we are on January 18th. I WISH I had caught some of that stuff on the Royal mistake! I got my dining package last year the Tuesday after Cyber Monday for the BOGO 50% off for my January Vision cruise and I was happy I had it. I'd do that any day. But it's not important enough to me to pay $400 for us to have it. At that price I would feel like I have to eat the specialty dining every single night to make the cost worth it....and some nights I just don't feel like doing a big dinner.
  3. Last year the dining package went down on Cyber Monday. If they do that again I'll buy it for my January cruise on Adventure. If not I probably won't spend the money. Right now for my sailing it's $176, which is what it was 2 weeks ago. It fluctuates between $192 and $176. Unless they do the BOGO 50% off sale like last Cyber Monday, I'll probably skip it.
  4. We are cruising Adventure in January so your review was great to see. I've never sailed Adventure and am looking forward to it.
  5. My best friend had this problem. All other restaurants we go to allow her to order from the kids menu or order a la carte just the few small things she can eat. Royal Caribbean and Carnival allowed her to dine with us and we gave her small portions of our entree and she was able to eat sides and they did not charge her. But I'm sure that is dependent on the specific ship and what they will be willing to do.
  6. We sailed Vision in January. The staff was first class, amazing, best we've ever had on RCL including our room staff, specialty restaurant staff and Windjammer staff. Excellent. Specialty restaurant food was amazing, but I'd give all other food just an "ok". It did not have all the bells and whistles of newer ships, but we don't need those so we accepted her wonderful staff with a family atmosphere over bells and whistles. My only issue was with the movement I felt because of rough seas and her size. I am prone to motion sickness and had more trouble (even with Dramamine) than on any other cruise.
  7. That's what we took advantage of, the dining package. We sailed in January. We bought the dining package at $126 on Cyber Monday. It was a great price.
  8. My guess is that they are doing like a lot of producers here in the US and are selling Angus/Wagyu or insert any American cattle/Wagyu as Wagyu. Which I don't believe should be allowed. It's what they are calling "American Kobe" or "American Wagyu". I don't agree with that concept.
  9. Yes, that is true, but lots of DNA left Japan when it was allowing it. That's how we got Wagyu here. We raise Wagyu and our genetics from the first Wagyu cattle allowed to come to the US from Japan between 1976 and 1997. Most of your legitimate Wagyu producers in the United States based their programs on those genetics and still use them in their programs today. There is most definitely good Wagyu beef in the US.
  10. Well, that's disappointing! My husband loves sushi, but I don't. I do love the hot rock and the ramen so usually Izumi works out for us. Thanks for the reply! 🙂
  11. Does anyone know if the Izumi on Adventure serves the Ramen or hot rock? Or is it pretty much just sushi?
  12. Oh come back and let me know what you thought of Paradise Island. i'm curious about that.
  13. Thanks so much for your advice! I think we'll plan on something like Paradise Beach in Cozumel and maybe a Merida or cenote tour in Progreso. I appreciate the information very much.
  14. I took another look at a map and we were actually on the east side when we found that beautiful beach with a restaurant/bar. It was absolutely gorgeous, but I don't think it's the right type of beach for what we're doing this time. Maybe we'll just do Paradise Beach like everyone else. I was just curious if there was anything else to offer in Progreso.
  15. Sorry, I was trying to keep my post from being too long and wordy. We've been to some of the beach clubs on the west side of the island. And we also drove around the island and stopped at a beautiful beach on the north side with a small restaurant and bar there, but nothing else around. It was great for a stop and a drink but not an all day situation. We will range in age from 10 to 70 actually. We will have between 13 and 20 people. Some are still deciding. We have not been to Paradise beach and I've read that one is most popular with having kids because of all the floating things they have. But how is that one for adults who might want to put on a snorkel mask and go look around? Looking for kind of a balance.
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