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  1. Thanks everyone; now my timetable is listing my ship as docking! So I hope that's the case but it looks like a good bet regardless; weather or systems breakdown could happen but otherwise looks like it would work out.
  2. Hi, We am stopping in Flam as a tender port with MSC this July. We really want to do the Norway in a Nutshell route. The ship doesn't offer one (it offers only pieces of it) so I'd like to book with Fjordtours which arranges all your tickets for an independent tour. The ship is arriving at 7 AM and the first leg of the route is the boat from Flam to Gudvagen and it leaves at 9. My concern is whether this is enough time to get to the boat considering it is a tender port. If anyone has any experience with this: MSC tendering process, how long would take to walk to boat launch; how long tendering usually takes, whether you heard of people missing their boat, I would love to hear about it. I'm hopeful that since the ship only offers 2 and 3 hour excursions that they may not be leaving super early and then a lot of people who are not doing excursions will want to eat breakfast and come out later but I'm nervous about missing the boat but really want to do the trip! Thank you for advice
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