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  1. Most would advise to always buy the drink package via the cruise planner before the cruise. Ignore the "% off" banner and just look for the cost per day for the package. Buy the package when the price seems reasonable to you and then keep checking the planner as the price may go down. If that happens you can cancel and reorder to get the lower price.
  2. You have probably seen enough movies to know that it won't end well for you.....
  3. The FDA sets the thresholds for the number of cases needed in a trial before data is gathered/released. In the current race for a vaccine, 90ish is the first threshold. Next data release happens when about 160 people in the study catch the virus. Therefore, the efficacy of the vaccine can still go up or down before the shot is given the go ahead and released to the public.
  4. Had you lived in CT while Blumenthal was attorney general, you may have another take on the man.
  5. Matsui is a Congresswoman from CA; Blumenthal is a Senator from CT ETA - Please don't give us more elected officials, we struggle with the current bunch
  6. I agree - a little more info up front would have helped. I didn't follow the threads a few weeks ago regarding the other ships that were flipped flopped around. I guess this is what happened to those cruisers as well. My TA has just reached out to my group - everyone is waiting for more info to be released.
  7. I feel your pain. My group specifically booked for the ports. Already did L&S from '21 to '22 hoping the new protocols would ease by then. Now just waiting to see what the new itinerary is. I expect to see the Radiance only doing a 8 day trip instead of the 9 we booked. Hope I am wrong.
  8. You can call Royal and buy the deluxe package for you and the refreshment package for your wife. She can then buy drinks a la carte if/when she would like something. Only pain is that if there is a price drop you have to call back to cancel/repurchase.
  9. Mighty specific date.....I am currently searching Nostradamus' quatrains for some insider information on this prediction.
  10. Don't be surprised if the error is never corrected by Royal. I brought a much larger refund error to Royal's attention and it was never reversed. We just decided to be more generous with the staff on the next cruise.
  11. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/dragdeck.php?ship=Quantum-of-the-Seas Looks like the whirlpool is above - not sure what the obstruction is.
  12. Bring a ship back to New London, CT and allow only Nutmeggers on. We have done a decent job for the last few months. I would be willing to risk taking the trip.....for research purposes only, of course.
  13. Who doesn't love the Junior Suites with the stripper poles? 🥰 Here is the list of Junior Suites with poles at the foot of the bed - list has been floating around CC for awhile. 8020 8520 8026 8526 8030 8530 8036 8536 8044 8544 8052 8552 8058 8558 8064 8564 8070 8570 8076 8576
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