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  1. Thanks for that reply. If itinerary changes have been '' mentionned'' , this may well be the solution to whatever ails her will be time consuming enough. She was pegged for Juneau friday and Ketchikan saturday and I suggest one of those 2 will be dropped if the departure from Vancouver runs into the night and tomorrow ''some time''....
  2. Hi, Is there any word from guests actually onboard ? Or is there a general preumption Island P. is having either engine or/and propulsion issues ? While she is still in port as at 8;30pm Local time, which is a bit of a telling sign, she is all lit-up, staterooms and all, which excludes the possibility of an electrical issue. Her planned 11;00am arrival in Juneau on 13th September is still possible....provided she leaves before ~~~ 11;00pm-ish...
  3. She's riight into Tongass channel, ~~ 15-20 minutes from her dock. I suggest Eurodam's bypassing Ketchikan is a ''ship''-related decision, not ''weather''-related. She left Sitka on time last night, and,according to Marine traffic, set out on a course that had her sailing straight shot southbound, no re-entry in the S.E.Alaska area, ; has kept that course,currently west of the Queen Charlotte islands, average speed close to 21kt, ETA Victoria 2 hours early tomorrow. Decision to bypass Ketchikan was already made before sailing away from Ketchikan.
  4. Eurodam skipped Ketchikan today.....Strange as weather,according to the 7 webcams there, appears to be calm and sunny...tks for your efforts
  5. Reality backs you up on that,it seems. At least,it is the most ''reassuring'' outcome. Still, I suggest it's a lot of miles to sail to kill time...
  6. I beg to disagree....Two ships her size made it OK in Juneau=NCL Joy a bit before 7;00am and Bliss, right on time at 1;30Alaska time. Also, her track shows she sailed straight up Stephens passage ,didn't even get close to Gastineau channel and continued straight on to IcyStrait and Cape Spencer...and in the Pacific where she was tracked 10 minutes ago in a W/SW direction, approx 10+/- km off the coast. That means no Skagway and no Glacier Bay . C
  7. Hi, Anybody aware of Royal P experiencing ''issues'' ?? She has skipped Juneau already today and appears to be heading to''Cape Spencer'' according to Marine Traffic....which means she will also skip Skagway and Glacier Bay.....Once at Cape Spencer ( SEAPA pilots drop off point ) , would she be heading straight to Whittier ? or heading South back to Vancouver early ? Intriguing....Recently, she did shortcut her Ketchikan southbound call by 1 1/4 hours...and had a Vancouver arrival almost 1 hour early.....and a departure back north about 45 minutes earlier than prior weeks... claude
  8. Thanks,all This ii a charter all right....All is explained.
  9. I also noticed that, aas at 9;30pm ,the ''disco-types lights display on top deck started as they would if there was a show just starting.....Could this be a ''charter'' sailing with the opening ''shot'' a Janet Jackson performance, on site, static in port ? Thanks,Chrisc1309 for your post
  10. I noticed that too....but those types of ''loading'' are normal in case of a ship heading to drydock. MAGIC is ,supposedly,on a regular 7 days sailing. Next stop Amber Cove. She's all lit up and guests are obviously on board....so, not a drydock event. I suspect the presence of a port authority vessel ( Dade county sheriff, harbour police, UCG.whatever)near her aft is tied with some ''emergency'' divers maintenance activities. Not an infrequent event.
  11. Anybody knows what's happening with her. 8;15pm EDT and still moored ar port. due out at 4;00pm !!! There is a port authority ship with flashing lights near her aft...and has been there for hours....
  12. Anybody knows what's wrong with EPIC...this time ? She's still tied up in Canaveral, altough due out @ 4;00pm edt.. Can't be pod-related ...this time....as she reached a solid 22.5kt on her back from GSC last night... Feels like she's jinxed... Claude
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