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  1. Thanks,all This ii a charter all right....All is explained.
  2. I also noticed that, aas at 9;30pm ,the ''disco-types lights display on top deck started as they would if there was a show just starting.....Could this be a ''charter'' sailing with the opening ''shot'' a Janet Jackson performance, on site, static in port ? Thanks,Chrisc1309 for your post
  3. I noticed that too....but those types of ''loading'' are normal in case of a ship heading to drydock. MAGIC is ,supposedly,on a regular 7 days sailing. Next stop Amber Cove. She's all lit up and guests are obviously on board....so, not a drydock event. I suspect the presence of a port authority vessel ( Dade county sheriff, harbour police, UCG.whatever)near her aft is tied with some ''emergency'' divers maintenance activities. Not an infrequent event.
  4. Anybody knows what's happening with her. 8;15pm EDT and still moored ar port. due out at 4;00pm !!! There is a port authority ship with flashing lights near her aft...and has been there for hours....
  5. Anybody knows what's wrong with EPIC...this time ? She's still tied up in Canaveral, altough due out @ 4;00pm edt.. Can't be pod-related ...this time....as she reached a solid 22.5kt on her back from GSC last night... Feels like she's jinxed... Claude
  6. Well....the dock is now deserted......We'll soon find out if they stay put ...or go to high seas... Even with ''an abundance of caution'' which would lead to taking the thruster off line ( both sides of course....), that ship, azipod-equipped, can sail very safely with two bow thrusters on line. My opinion.
  7. There would be case for sailing a.s.a.p....== casinos can open for a few hours......hahahaha....$$$$$....
  8. I beg to differ....A ship cannot sail from a US port, and return to the same port without a stop in a foreign port, ( in this case, the Bahamas, the ever popular cal;l that allows the shorties to operate these types of sailings. My opinion only.
  9. I sure hope they can call in Nassau.....even for a few short hours......otherwise, they'd be in violation of the PVSA.....one of the risks of these ''shorty'' sailings . I would not want to be the deck hand who calledf the bridge after the ''let go all '' and said '' all lines secured on deck''.....
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