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  1. I love that the only time a Canadian could possibly be accused of being pretentious is when he's talking about hockey skates! 🙂 Just found this thread and now have 46 pages to catch up. What an adventure you must be having! Be safe and thank you again for posting your live threads. Always a lot of fun virtually cruising along with you and your lovely family.
  2. Thanks all of your personal experiences! Cunard sounds lovely, and we'd be totally onboard with the dressier attire - literally and figuratively! @Lady Hudson - we're looking at a Baltics cruise.
  3. Hi all, we are longtime Royal Caribbean cruisers and have an opportunity to try a Cunard ship. Can anyone who's sailed both lines help with some insight into differences we may expect? From what I'm reading it seems the passengers tend to dress up more and perhaps skew older. How is the food? Activities and entertainment? We've also sailed Celebrity, Norwegian, and Disney (I don't expect Cunard to have a Pirate night!) Thanks in advance!
  4. The Solarium Bistro is gorgeous - much larger, high ceilings, more light, and airier than the ones on other Oasis class. Though we could have had dinner at CK, we ended up eating in the Solarium a number of nights because of the relaxed feel.
  5. LOL, depends on how long they stay at Blaze or the Crypt or wherever they went.
  6. Another scope watcher - up way too late on a regular weeknight because of the blasted Daylight Savings Time! Impressed by the tanking of the large rum and coke !
  7. Am I the only 13 year old laughing at this? So looking forward to this, Andrew. Are York & CLR joining?
  8. Thank you for this clear list of benefits! We are on our first Celebrity cruise next month and booked in a CC room. Are all embarkation lunch tables shared? We prefer dining by ourselves, especially on the first day when we're still trying to find our bearings.
  9. Yes, it varies from day to day - roasted vegetables, fennel salad..etc.
  10. Just FYI, when we were on the Symphony last week, Luggage Valet wasn't available yet. Guest Services thought it would be another few weeks before it would be offered. Hopefully by the time you sail, it'll be running smoothly.
  11. Thanks Bird! Were there any issues getting into the CK? I seem to recall on Harmony, Sea Class cards aren't coded to enter the Suite area, and so JS passengers would have to wait outside until someone happened to exit.
  12. Thanks for this great look at Symphony. Did you have any issues getting into & seated in CK as Sea Class/ JS?
  13. Does the D+ galley tour go between decks? I remember reading in someone's review of one of the Oasis class ships years ago that stairs were involved, so we've avoided the tour. Thanks again for the amazing photos and well-organized review. It's been fun virtually crossing the Atlantic on the Symphony!
  14. twangster, I'm only about 1/3 thru but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your review content and style. Your Adventure cruise report was the first one I read and did it all in one go because it was so interesting. The photos are superb (of course), but the story and narrative really make the reader feel like we're experiencing what you did. Looking forward to the rest of your review! The Radiance was my first ship, so she holds a special place in my heart. Still the most beautiful ship I've ever sailed on.
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