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  1. I only remember turning in our s&card one time. I just had to have my bracelet. But our cabin was 12201(I believe). And there is a door right outside the cabin door so we entered there every time. Didn't have to pass a desk or anything, just went right into the steam rooms and relaxation rooms.
  2. That would be nice if it we were allowed 2 since it's 2 weeks, but I believe I still read 1.
  3. Yes! That's exactly what I was worrying about! Thank you everyone! I laminated ours and also labeled inside the bags.
  4. The one and only time we booked a cove balcony we had more than have our bill refunded to us. It didn't just sound like rolling pins, it sounded like bowling balls being thrown on the floor above us. And this was before the ship even started moving. Yes, we were below the galley. After that experience I not only pay attention to what is around us, but also the higher up the better. I am a horrible sleeper so I can't be near elevators, gym equipment, crying babies etc., etc. Also, the last 2 days it smelled like a sewer backed up on the whole 2nd deck. Never again! And it was even a travel agent that booked this trip for us. What an a hole!
  5. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
  6. HI there, this may be a stupid question, especially since I've been sailing for years but for some reason I didn't think of this before. How do our baggage tags not get torn off accidentally? With them just being cheap computer paper? I heard last week with all the rain, some of the ink wore off or was smeared off. Are we allowed to laminate the tags? I mean, do they (the baggage handlers) write on tags? We will also have our airline tags on the baggage and plan on labeling on inside too. We leave in 6 short hours so I'm hoping someone will know the answer or tells me their solution.
  7. Doesn't sound like fun at all to me. But I've never done it with babies/toddlers. But I also wouldn't have been able to afford it when my kids were that young. I have to say though, I am a horrible sleeper and if my neighbor had kids crying at all hours of the night I would be beyond pissed. I would be pounding on your door. I can not put anything in my ears so no earplugs for me. It is too painful. I am paying a lot for my cruise too, so as an adult I deserve to enjoy my vacation that I earned. No kid has earned a cruise, and they may have fun but they will not remember a second of the cruise a few years later.
  8. They're great as long as you are not beneath the galley like we were. And the last 2 days the sewage smell was unbearable.
  9. That's kind of what I'm expecting. My husband I are in our 40's...
  10. Wish I would have thought to look elsewhere. Next time I will. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks for posting that. That was going to be my question.
  12. I have only sailed on Carnival because I have been happy with them but I have only been on 3 cruise thus far. Glory once, Dream twice. The first time on Dream my impression was yes, bigger than Glory but it seemed as though they added more cabins but did not make anything else bigger and seemed extremely crowded. The 2nd time we were on Dream it didn't seem so crowded, probably because it was in September so, less kids. I haven't had many issues with the food. At lunch I usually just have salad so I really don't have many complaints about the buffet. Otherwise we eat at the steakhouse for dinner or the main dining room. For breakfast I always order room service. We enjoy the comedy shows, the spa, the piano bar and just the overall relaxing atmosphere.
  13. I was not able to find the pass for couples. My husband and I will be on the 14 day on Sep 16th. For one person it was $269/per person for 14 days. Maybe it's not offered for 14 days?
  14. Are you going to be doing the Sep 16th repositioning cruise? That is my husband and my next cruise. We were disappointed in not getting a spa deck this time but we're able to book the ocean view suite on deck 7 as well. The price of the 14 day spa pass is, I believe, $269/person. I'm not sure if we'll do that or not. It's more important to my husband than me.
  15. Is that the price for one day? Or how many days. We like deck 12 but unfortunately with our next cruise (14 day). It was no longer available, but my husband really liked the therapy rooms. But not for $139/day. Not at all worth it.
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