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  1. Thanks everyone for ecouragements and wise words, our kids are not so unruly and reading though your comments helps to ease my anxiety, really appreciate your input!
  2. Thank you all for your replies! It's reassuring to get your views and understand I'm not the only one with such concerns. We will stick with the balcony cabin and set clear rules for kids, I'm also pretty sure that my worries will ease once we will be onboard. Will be our first time cruising and really looking forward to it!
  3. First time cruisers. We have got a great offer for cruising with 13 and 6 yo kids, balcony room on 13th floor at MSC Seaside. I'm terrified at the idea that my kids might fall off, or attempt to lean over the balcony in a moment of distraction. They are not the naughtiest kids but sometimes they can play pretty rough (boys). I have asked my agent to change to a seaview cabin (only window, no balcony) and he says it's not worth it (5th floor, not so nice and price just slightly less) and assured me that there is no reason to be concerned as the balcony doors have a safety lock on top (?). Expe
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