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  1. Talked to celebrity and I stay in the same cabin doing back to back and all i have to do is the same get off and get back on Hopefully we will be sailing before then
  2. No i have not asked Might have to pack up and come back in a couple of hours Good question will call celebrity and let u know
  3. I received a e mail from celebrity for this cruise. It is a 7 night with St Thomas deleted. We will get 100.00 OBC and a refund of one eight of our cruise fare back on your credit card. I am booked on the six day western before this. That cruise will be 7 nights a 100 OBC and a free night added. Costa Maya will be the added port. See you in june
  4. Thanks received most of my credit back from Celebrity on May 7 very pleased only 209.12 short which is the taxes and port fees . Will follow up next week
  5. Still waiting for refund from March 13 Reflection cruise
  6. Just looked on webcam and Celebrity Edge must be getting some fuel and provisions Might be sending crew home
  7. I was on the same cruise and received my OBC on the 25 Still waiting for the cruise refund
  8. Iam sure the Apex will be sailing in the Caribbean in November.
  9. On the Reflection heading to Nassau. Staff and crew have been fantastic. Sure we were disappointed but they are giving us a 100% refund and 50% FCC Thats like getting a 5 day 4 night cruise FREE They are giving people 200 per person for airline changes TRANSPORTATION to the airport. We have 1200 passengers and 1200 You will never sail like this again on a cruise. Almost all the passenger are having a great time and understand it’s not Celebrity fault .
  10. Leaving Friday on Reflection over 600 cabins canceled. When does Celebrity cancel all cruises?
  11. Wonder what compensation they will get from Celebrity Looks like a cruise ruined Leaving on Reflection Friday Hope we have better luck
  12. Worst port I have ever been too last year on Equinox They should make it a sea day and go around in circles Cmon Celebrity wake up
  13. The four night package for $ 149 is better deal
  14. Changing cabins on our b2 b . What does Celebrity require you to do .?
  15. Park and Go Best prices Best service lots of shuttles to and from Ship
  16. Can you check if a bartender named Singh is at the bar behind the Oceanview cafe deck below the sunset bar. You will never have to wait for drink Thanks
  17. One flight of stairs and your in the ocean view cafe
  18. Huge balcony. Footstools gone. Very quiet cabin
  19. Just got off Equinox . Forget about eating on balcony . New tables you can fit one plate and one glass. Phones internet and TV , down half of the cruise. Footstools gone, smell every night when you went to bed . Don’t know if it was the pillow cases sheets or headboards. I have been on Silhouette 3 times and going on Reflection in March. Celebrity should have spent there 500 million elsewhere. No more Equinox. Moved all the slot machines in Casino You can barely walk in the aisles Nice tables in casino bar. But if you are looking to watch any sporting event that’s not on ESPN forg
  20. Did not find any drop downs on Equinox What page did u find it
  21. Hopefully they changed the casino and put some new slots in that are a little luckier
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