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  1. Hi again, some of you might remember I posted a few weeks ago about finding my upcoming Midnight Sun cruise (Crown Princess, June 2020) advertised are a lower price with an agency. That thread was removed because I named the agency, which I didn't realise was a breach of forum etiquette. Some of you gave me some helpful information before the thread was zapped, so I thought I'd say "thanks" and let you know what happened. After much consideration, I phoned Princess and basically said "what would you do?". They repeated the advice given here that Princess do not do price matching. So I asked her what I would lose by booking with a third party - Princess status, ability to book excursions and extras on the Princess web site and so on. She explained everything would remain the same. So, I cancelled my cruise, losing the £50 deposit I had paid. I then went on to the agency website and booked not just the same cruise, but the exact same cabin, for over £500 cheaper, and with $400 onboard spend. Logging on to the Princess website I can see my new booking and can still manage it in exactly the same way. All strikes me as very strange, as I'm so used to always, always booking direct with airlines and hotels, for all sorts of reasons. Now I know that's not the case for cruises! So I'm $1000 up on the deal. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm booked on the Crown Princess Midnight Sun cruise, departing 13th June 2020. So far, I have only paid a £50 deposit. Browsing the internet, I have just come across the same cruise, same cabin cateogry with Iglu Cruises for £200 less, plus a free bottle of wine and one speciality meal. So I could cancel my booking, lose the deposit, and still save. Is there any reason not to do this? Or should I contact Princess and see if they match it? I know with airlines it's always preferable to book direct so that extras like seat booking, baggage etc are simpler to deal direct with the airline rather than going via an agency. Is it the same for cruises? Is it a bad idea to go via a third party? It's only my second cruise. I would appreciate advice from you seasoned cruisers.
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