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  1. I'm laughing because we just had this conversation last night while preparing for our upcoming cruise. My husband said "I just use the 'mop & glo' that the ship provides." πŸ˜‚
  2. Funny story for me, relating to this I had downloaded that "Sea Calling" as my phone's ring tone years ago. One day I was on the land line phone with RC booking a cruise and my cell phone rang. I let the agent hear and laughed explaining how I really liked RC (and my daughter was recently in a wedding for Adam Goldstein's sister). Well a day later my daughter emails me to say 'now Adam Goldstein knows how crazy you are...' LOL πŸ€ͺ This agent had emailed him and he then emailed his sister.... who of course relayed to my daughter... We got a really good laugh about this!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ btw - this shell pic has also been my signature picture
  3. Agree with this advice. πŸ‘†πŸ» Good itinerary especially fun with a large group! I will add that twice we’ve booked insides on Majesty and been able to upgrade to ocean view when prices dropped. The OV on deck 9 (although some have obstructed view) are larger and you at least have the window. Keep checking pricing on these. Plus there’s a chart of which have the least obstruction.
  4. Agree, very interesting article. Now I'm researching how this 'might' impact our western caribbean cruise in October...
  5. Oh wow! I just read this and it looks likes it’s no longer available 😫
  6. I have this chart for deck 8 and would imagine it applies to deck 9 also (as that is why I've kept it). The pink dots represent the LEAST obstructed views.
  7. If driving, I might consider staying in the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood area. It's an easy drive to the cruise port/parking the morning of the cruise (30 minutes) I would think with the girls that age, they might find the boardwalk beach areas a fun place to visit.
  8. YES, you can use them in the MDR - at least the past few ships I've been on πŸ˜‰
  9. That's one of the best postings of the cruise compass that I've ever seen! thanks!
  10. Yes it is. We used that area a lot. Actually very rarely were there any pool games being played there.
  11. agree with avoiding deck 14, my choice would be 11 btw what type of cabin? that might help our suggestions
  12. Are there those few extended CP balconies on Symphony like there are on Oasis/Allure? (those ending in 229 and 629) I see the white space next to them on decks 10 and 11, but can't be sure if it's the same. I see they've added cabins on decks 12 and 14.
  13. Yes, our experience on Harmony is that they do enforce this rule. The sign declaring adults only was not very visible to those entering the area. It served the purpose but was not a quiet, themed area like on other ships.
  14. We soooo wanted to see this in San Juan after seeing it in Ohio. Unfortunately, we didn't get tickets, but are making a trip to San Juan - just because we love it there. I would love to get one of the tee-shirts that Lin Manuel was wearing when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon. Do you think these will be for sale anywhere?
  15. Villa Juana La Loca has anyone stayed in this B&B in Old San Juan?
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