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  1. He is very lucky to have survived. The amount of arrogance in some folks that they willingly choose to act stupid and not think about how they are endangering others just boggles my mind! I realize that we have all been 19, but seriously? I would like to think he would be banned for life from cruising Carnival. I feel badly for his parents, that they have to deal with the fall-out from this for possible future vacations and just in general worrying about what other bad decisions their son will make. SMDH Vicki
  2. I personally like getting a chair on the deck above the pool. It seems cooler there and you can still see and enjoy everything! leaving in 4 days! UGH! cannot wait! Vicki
  3. I didn't read this entire post so I apologize if this was already mentioned. Set an alarm. I never do this on vacation, but in the interior cabins it is dark as a cave! You will wake up and still think it's the middle of the night and it is noon lol this actually happened to friends on a cruise we took a while back. They missed their day in Cozumel! Have a great trip! Vicki
  4. head to buffet for light lunch, then on to the pool deck for people watching and my traditional 1st beverage (a Miami Vice)! Vicki
  5. Thanks for your review! I am cruising on the Dream on May 23rd out of Galveston for a 50th birthday! There are 7 couples, and none of us have sailed on her. We are super excited! Vicki
  6. After almost 20 cruises I am amazed at all these fantastic ideas! My contribution to this discussion is a small one. Several years ago, I cruised with my sister, and two daughters. Four women and one bathroom makes things interesting lol Anyway, I bought us each a small plastic basket from the dollar store for our shampoo, conditioner etc...everyone had their own baskets and we lined them up again the wall in the shower. It worked really well and when cruise was over, we simply threw the baskets away. Vicki
  7. Hello everyone! I started low to no carb eating 6 weeks ago today. so far, I have lost 8.3 pounds and a LOT of inches. The first week was rough as I found myself craving all the carbs, sugar etc...but once I got over that hump, I really haven't had any issues. I allow Sunday to be my cheat day. I do not go crazy, but I do allow myself things I don't ever have during the week. I am 54 and have noticed it takes a bit longer for the weight to come off. I am walking at least 4 evenings a week ranging from 2-3 miles. I have more energy and am sleeping much better and amazed at just generally how much better I feel. I like to think I made a decision to make a lifestyle change and not a diet. I cruise in 36 days and am not going to deprive myself of the foods I love. I will however, eat them in moderation lol Wishing everyone on this thread major success in their journey! Happy Cruising everyone!
  8. This is why I love cruising! Everyone can do exactly what they want. You have limitless activities on the ship that you can or cannot participate in, food galore and gorgeous cabins to pick from. My husband and I cruise with couple friends and it's nice to say if we don't see you around the ship, we will see you at dinner! Some of our friends love relaxing and reading in the peace and quiet of their cabin, and some of us,like myself love being about the ship, watching and participating in some of the activities and my favorite thing? People watching from my lovely chair in the sun with a Miami Vice in my hand! Happy Cruising everyone! Vicki
  9. Art Auction, Spa services (just hard selling) tour talks and the crazy $20 watch sale on 1st sea day. I have participated a couple of times and the pushing and shoving is ridiculous so I nixed that one as well lol Happy Cruising everyone! Vicki
  10. Ok-so there are a LOT of things on a cruise that people do that annoy me. I feel this is true for most everyone. Does it ruin my vacation? absolutely not! My biggest pet peeve while cruising is.....people that constantly complain about EVERYTHING! The thing I cannot understand is do they really cruise so they can complain? I look at it this way- there are so many people that will never be able to enjoy a cruise vacation, so I can't comprehend those that are able to, to constantly complain...makes no sense to me. Vicki
  11. I was on the Valor January 17-21. There was a very large family completely out of control the entire cruise and the crew had no luck controlling them or the situations. I would hope that possibly Carnival will start enforcing said rules?
  12. I have at this point only sailed Carnival and RCCL. My last Carnival cruise in January was some of the worst behavior I have ever encountered. A family of 90 were completely out of control in practically every area. The crew either didn't or couldn't control them. I am talking NASTY behavior. This did not ruin my cruise, but I will say honestly that if me and my friends were in a particular venue and saw some of this family coming, we left. I realize it was our choice to leave, but that choice was better than the alternative. Vicki
  13. For me the worst- Montego Bay and Progresso the least - Grand Cayman
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