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  1. I currently have a German Christmas Market cruise booked for December '22 but I am keen to change this to a Fjords cruise for April/May '23. Do any of you regular cruisers know how far in advance the following years summer cruises are launched? I would have thought it might be anytime now-ish? I am also wondering if it will still be possible to switch our deposit from the December '22 cruise to one in spring/summer '23? Time I guess will tell on that one. Any advice would be greatly received. Thank you
  2. Interesting! Can you download the NHS app on a smartphone without the need for a sim card? That might be an answer for my elderly mum who doesn't have a smart phone, only an old brick lol.
  3. I loved the naming ceremony but would have liked to have seen a bit more of the interior of the ship. They could have incorporated a 5 minute 'tour' maybe. I would also have liked to hear the Captain speak, maybe just a few words. It felt a bit contrived but I appreciate it is a very different experience to anything that's been before. I was shivering along with them. It looked cold there lol. All that said I was impressed. Looking forward to my cruise on Iona in December 2022. Not long now lol.
  4. Wonderful and flawless naming ceremony. A pleasure to watch and what a beautiful ship she is in the flesh! Cannot wait for my cruise in December 2022.
  5. I think the company will be pleased if people DO bring their cruises forward. They want and need as much money coming in as possible. The sooner you are onboard, the sooner you are spending! The sooner you booking, the greater the balance payment they have in their bank. Happy days. You get to cruise sooner and they get to stay in business (one hopes).
  6. Hi guys and girls, for those that kindly asked if I got my choice of suite - the answer is YES!!! Hooray!! I started calling at 0828 and on my third go at dead on 0830 I got straight through to a really lovely lady. I was so shocked at getting through immediately that I dropped my piece of paper with all the details on and had to scrabble around to retrieve it lol. Thankfully was able to transfer across without issue and we've actually ended up with £100 more on board credit than I thought, so happy days. I hope you have all been as successful as me. Good luck everyone and take good care.
  7. I need to change a cruise, treating myself to a suite and worried sick they will all be gone already. 35 minutes to go - how excited am I? I feel like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas morning lol. Have a great day everyone.
  8. Like you, I'd rather book directly. This year particularly I think there is less chance of P&O going bust than many TA's
  9. Thank you all for the lovely photos, comments and video! They all make me feel very festive. I/we have decided today to splash out on a suite for our 2022 cruise. It's been such a rubbish year for lots of reasons I want something Christmassy to look forward to and as the luxury version of the cruise is not so expensive if I start saving now, that's what we'll aim for! Take care everyone and best regards.
  10. Oops, apologies that was taken in Åndalsnes, Norway and is a shot of The Britannia. Pretty amazing cruise to the beautiful Fjords.
  11. Interesting and maybe worth checking and double and triple checking with your insurance provider. I have just been doing an internet search for cruise insurance and on the Travel Insurance 4 Medical site a box jumps up stating the following: IMPORTANT POLICY UPDATE Our policies will cover cancellation and curtailment if an insured person named on the policy documentation has a confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus (COVID-19). You will also be covered for emergency medical expenses if you get infected by COVID-19 whilst abroad. No cover applies to trips if the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advise against travel to your destination. You can read the FCDO's latest advice here. The FCDO is currently advising against ALL cruise ship travel for British Travellers. If you cancel your policy within 14 days of purchase, you are welcome to a full refund - provided you have not travelled and do not intend to claim. Beyond 14 days you may be entitled to a partial refund. Please check the cancellation terms in your policy wording for details. In effect they will NOT provide cover for ANY cruise, anywhere for British Travellers!! Be careful and check you really DO have insurance cover.
  12. Really lovely!! I feel Christmassy already lol.
  13. Wow Beckett, sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to being able to switch my current booking to the December cruise. Got to wait until 28 April to be able to do that. Patience needed!!
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