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  1. On 8/27/2019 at 4:49 PM, ell52 said:

    Not too much to share.  Taxis will be available outside the train station. It's a short cab ride to all downtown hotels as well as Canada Place (which is also downtown). The Vancouver downtown core is relatively compact, so cab fares should be in the under $20 CAD range, depending on location of hotel and traffic. Probably closer to $15. We are supposed to be getting Uber, so it might be even cheaper by next year. 


    Are all cabs able to take credit cards or is it still cash preffered?


    thx in advance (since trying to get this back on track, and I am doing the same thing in two weeks).

  2. On 8/7/2019 at 9:49 PM, Ptroxx said:

    Me I’m bringing dslr with one lens. 18-400mm.  Also bringing a simple pocket point and shoot.    Also bringing a Gopro to take video on the ship.   I’ll pack a carry on with all my gear and change of close just Incase. Also grabbed a few extra memory cards and bringing a few external backup batteries.    



    Ill have a DSLR with 3 lenses (28-75, 70-300mm and the mama of the group my 50-500mm which weighs as much as some carry on bags i swear) and a Point and Shoot for every day stuff.


    I really am hoping that my side of the ship is facing out into the harbor in places like Ketchikan and Juneau so i can put the 50-500mm to use taking shots of the seaplanes (same as Vancouver).  All of my memory cards come with me at all times (about 15 of them) same with batteries.  The benefits of a fully kitted out camera bag.

  3. The grind is great, it can be tough, take your time and enjoy it.  Be prepared to be passed though.  The mountain record will be displayed at the top but it is usually in the 15-20 minute mark as multiple people try running it (my personal best is just under an hour, but I know someone in the sub 30s).


  4. On 8/6/2019 at 11:42 AM, fastpitchdad said:


    There are several QFCs in and around town...you could do a search then you arrive and give them a call. The Market works as well but the crabs will just be more expensive (~$15.99/lb vs $10/lb). 


    The closest QFC to downtown is this one:




    the next closest is on capitol hill



  5. I did the one day Sunday departure on the Oosterdam up to vancouver back in 2017.  Apparently it was a rare cruise because while Princess went out full for their booze cruise adjacent to us, our ship only had 350 people on board (the number was confirmed by staff at muster drill).  They still did the test kitchen demo and had other things going but it was a fun night.  Probably the only time I will ever be on a cruise that empty.


    We got onboard around 1030am and were off the next morning.  The ship was peaceful and quiet throughout.  No checking of bags it is all carry on only. 

  6. On 6/28/2019 at 2:45 PM, beaming90 said:

    Sailing from Seattle... But thank you for all the info!

     You can get them in the airport.  Opposite gate C2 is a small stand called Lady Yum.  Hand made, small batch.  Support that small business.

  7. Clear in my experience just is not worth it at all.  Unless you are someone who doesn't want to wait in lines or carry and ID (because who does that) it is not worth the time saving of a few extra minutes in most cases (sometimes it does pay off, but is $100-200 a year worth a few extra minutes to everyone?).

    Nexus is by far the best deal out of all of the options and not listed above. You need to be close to the canadian border for appointments but it gets you in and out of Canada road borders "quicker".  Gets you access to Global Entry as well and TSA Pre Check and only for $50, not $100. 

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