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  1. I believe $30 is just for dinner. I read somewhere on here is is $10/$20/$30 for breakfast/lunch/dinner. So about $60 per day if you took all the meals there.
  2. I rebooked a cabin today for an August Alaska cruise. Savings of $320 on the cabin and new rate also included all 4 perks vs. 1 in original booking -- worth an additional $300 or more of stuff we were going to pay for. But in rebooking the TA OBC was reduced $50 (and they clearly state later changes may affect OBC or other TA perks at the time you reserve with them). So perhaps the cost to change can take different forms at different times. Even factoring the slightly reduced OBC the rebook was a 16% reduction from original booking which was made when the cruise first came out - so I am ha
  3. Would be in a similar position for our upcoming Alaska cruise. My family is in a Celebrity Suite and my parents are in a Sky Suite. But my brother can only afford an Oceanview Stateroom (and we are putting my older son in there because of double occupancy). My mother really wanted to go on Celebrity in at least a suite, but initially I had concerns about the cost and being able to dine together - but once I researched that you can invite a paid guest to dinner we booked. I mapped out our meals and the two of them will join us as paid Luminae guests for dinner one night -- maybe
  4. We just came across this today in our PBSKids app. My 9 and 3 year old watched a couple episodes and seemed to enjoy it. Hope it will get them excited about their upcoming visit to Denali and Alaska this summer.
  5. On Luminosa the gelato shop had two sides -- the actual gelato shop and then the "chocolate" shop. Per the menu and as others have described -- they have some drinks you can order like hot chocolate or milkshake-like creations -- but I think the name is primarily because they sell chocolates (i.e. like a little Godiva shop). It was where I went most mornings for my coffee as they have the Illy Espesso machine (I had the same beverage package).
  6. We (2 adults, 2 boys 8 and 2) were on Luminosa this past January out of Venice (off season Adriatic Sea cruise). Will comment on a few specifics below but bottom line we did not like it as much as our only other cruising experience -- RCI Jewel of the Seas on a Caribbean cruise out of San Juan -- but we loved the itinerary and the ship experience and service was enjoyable enough that we are going with Costa again next month on a Norway cruise from Copenhagen. Paying for pizza and gelato is a little annoying, but was not that big a deal - and at least what you pay for is of quality
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