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  1. I sailed on the solstice in the fall of 2018 and summer of 2019. In 2018 everything looked very well maintained, except the stateroom curtains had some holes. This seemed to be fixed in 2019. Consistently saw crew touching up paint and doing maintenance on port days. Very well maintained ship that didn't seem to show her age. I would happily sail again without any renovation. The only thing that showed wear was the balcony furniture in our stateroom.
  2. Was booked for a 5/31 alaska cruise. Was told by my travel agent yesterday it will be another 45-60 days and since we had a non-refundable deposit, the deposit will not be a refund, but given as FCC.
  3. We had 15-18ft seas on the Solstice and found the ship rode well in rough seas. Felt the up and down motion mostly in the theater and the rocking while in the room.
  4. Does anyone know if the $50 casino credit can be used throughout the cruise or does the $50 have to be used all in one session?
  5. Did you have to use all of your casino credit at once or can you use it over multiple days?
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