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  1. mcmahan706

    Viking river cruise cabins- walls metal?

    Thank you for your input. I think there will be enough storage for us- but I appreciate your ideas!
  2. I have only cruised once- ocean. The walls of the cabin and we brought magnet hooks which were helpful. Mate Viking river cruise cabin walls metal?
  3. Are the cabins metal boxes like on ocean cruises- trying to decide if I need to take magnets. Viking Alruna.
  4. mcmahan706

    Same as Viking?

    Someone please send me this post about feral children. At sea day positively awful with children playing hide and so seek on RC.
  5. mcmahan706

    Hair Straighteners

    I am being told emphatically no- a straightener is not allowed on viking. They suggest I contact my stylist for a straightening serum or use a hairbrush and dryer.
  6. I haven't taken my cruise yet. But so far, I have found that RCCL's customer service is sub par. I can't imagine what I am going to experience on this cruise.