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  1. Morning CC! We have a Beach Bungalow reserved for an upcoming cruise to CocoCay, but had a question. When are the bungalows assigned? We had previously considered a cabana and I thought I remember reading somewhere that if you go to guest services when boarding the ship you can be assigned a cabana. Would the same be true for a bungalow? Or can that only be assigned on the island. We plan to be early to the ship and would love to see if we can be assigned one when we get on so we can try and get one of the front ones. Thanks!
  2. Good evening all! It's been a long long time since I have cruised (and to be honest I don't remember which line it was on, but it was either Royal or Carnival). I remember an all day/night pizza parlor to grab a slice at anytime. Does something like that exist on the Mariner? I see Cafe Promenade servers round the clock, but wasn't sure if it serve pizza in the later hours. Not really concerned if it was good or not (our daughter loves pizza....she thinks school pizza is good). Thanks!
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