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  1. Whilst we definitely prefer Azamara to Oceania for many of the reasons listed above Oceania is still very acceptable and we would make your decision primarily on the competing itineraries. And btw visiting Kotor twice is definitely a bonus, the sail in and out is breathtaking.
  2. This was a few weeks ago, not great marketing
  3. Yes it is a rough bit of water, similar to the rough stretch of water between the North and South Islands of New Zealand some people will be familiar with. It is handy if you wish to take your own car to tour around Tasmania. I don’t know about other parts of the world but it is difficult to hire a rental car in many parts of Australia at the moment. Apparently a lot of cars were sold when travel industry stalled because of COVID and there are supply issues with importing new cars atm.
  4. We are finally back on the water though nowhere near as pleasant as Azamara cruise. It is overnight ferry between Melbourne and Tasmania in very basic room with very rough seas but bar still open and great to be travelling
  5. My heart goes out to you UKtog. We couldn’t see our grandkids for over 111 days during our lockdown. The first hug after lockdown and every hug since has been special and another granddaughter was born Monday so we are very happy now.
  6. Your ability to do more than 1 tour in a day (other than the 2 day excursions mentioned which visit multiple sites) depends a lot on how far away the attractions are and how long the tour takes. For example the Faberge Museum tour (which we loved) could easily be paired with another tour that wasn’t going a long way away or taking a long time to see everything at a site. It is normally risky leaving very little time between tours because there is often a queue to leave the port because of the Russian officials taking time to check passports.
  7. We were on Journey for B2B cruises around UK/Baltics in July/Aug 2019 and think they were a couple of Danny’s first cruises. I agree he did a great job and is very approachable
  8. The varying ideas about wearing masks across the world is interesting. Here in Melbourne we have only 6 active cases (all returned travellers from overseas in quarantine) and have had no locally transmitted cases in over 40 days. Yet still almost everyone is willing to wear masks indoors at shopping centres, supermarkets, etc as well as on public transport. Possibly we suffered so much during over 100 days of lockdown we don’t want to return to that state? We are now lucky to be able to spend Christmas with our families in an almost normal way 👌 Merry Christmas to everyone around the
  9. Surabaya? you can tell we have never been to Bali 😀
  10. I would need to cheat and google to get it 😀
  11. One of the locals having lunch near the top of Angkor Wat
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