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  1. Was on this same cruise and there certainly were at least 3 noticeable dogs. One thing I give the owners credit for is they weren't even trying to pretend they were anything else but their cutie pie pets. No fake vests and just walked them along the promenade like they were at home allowing anyone to pet them. I'm definitely taking my Great Dane next cruise, just hope he don't cover too many people in slobber at formal dinner. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. On Allure this last week and had the Deluxe drinks package, something we would not usually buy. My failing for not reading the small print, but at around $75 pppd, was quite surprised when not able to have quite ordinary wines in the $14 - $18 bracket. Also on Labadee they were pushing the Cocktail in a pineapple which cost $12 for anyone. If you have deluxe drinks package it'll cost you $9. Couldn't get my head around that logic, it's not like you can eat the pineapple! Not a big deal and had a great cruise, just saying, because the guys selling in the promenade ain't gonna point that stuff out! Caveat emptor, as they say.
  3. It's a small lounge really on Mariner but what's crazy is there are big sofa type seating either side of the tables which takes up a huge amount of room for only 4 people. I counted the seating capacity and it's 28, really not good. With a furniture redesign it could seat so many more. Does overflow into a smallish area of the viking crown but there were so many private functions, weddings etc. going on in there. The concierge Tao tried really hard to make everyone happy.
  4. On Mariner a week ago, the outside door leads to that area where they have the climbing wall so not a great place to sit. You could get out but doors won't open automatically to let you back in so awkward.
  5. Do you think Indy will be doing Coco Cay on 7 day or shorter cruises from Ft Lauderdale? When is the schedule coming out?
  6. Please post if you have any success. I have phoned a couple of numbers but can't get any joy with it.
  7. Our cancelled cruise was the May 2020 transatlantic Ft. Lauderdale TO Southampton. What's really annoying is they offer to price protect on 3 other sailings. 2 are transatlantic East to West FROM Southampton. The other is from New Jersey leaving nearly a month earlier. One that would have been of interest, Brilliance, transatlantic leaving Tampa on the same date as the cancelled cruise, to Amsterdam is not listed and therefore not price protected. It's of course way more expensive. NOT happy!!
  8. Just off Mariner, the up-selling on Royal is really getting out of hand. Friends were telling me this at least a year ago but my answer was always "no-one forces you to buy anything". Now I have to agree with them. On a 4 night cruise, the first 2 days were uncomfortable with it. Were stopped several times after embarking with the drinks package sell and the spa treatments sell and the specialty restaurants sell. First night at dinner (and every other night) we get the waiter trying to sell the lobster upcharge dinner. I'm enjoying the main course, spaghetti bolognese and another waiter comes to the table, " Oh sir, you like pasta, you must come to Jamie's" and tells me all about it. Now these are nice people and I don't want to be rude, I have a joke with him and say "what part of Italy is Jamie Oliver from?" After dinner the same guy gets me leaving the dining room, I said joking "are you stalking me?" I actually think he was! Another time at dinner we get the 'Galley tour' offer. I assume the salespeople are either on commission or just under the cosh to sell a quota.
  9. Having left from term 6 on Monday (Mariner), returned to term 1 today, although not totally unexpected, it was such a pain of a shuttle. We got on the transfer bus, a big 56 seats or so, we sat at the front. The driver kept loading cases until it was crazy full with probably 20 very hot and bothered people standing in the aisle. Half hour later it departed for term 6 garage. Great organization NOT!! With hindsight, I wish I'd parked at the Radisson and saved some money.
  10. Just jumping in on this, does anyone know if you can get Diamond drinks in the Independence main dining room at early dinner? Thanks.
  11. Please comply with the dress code, on formal nights baseball caps must be worn back to front when wearing shorts and tank top.
  12. Very easy to find on google maps. It says the walk is 33 mins. I have done it before and got a cab back which was ok, but as the cabs are cheap, it's really not worth the grief in the heat.
  13. Saw Beatlemania a while ago ๐Ÿ‘. Saw Beatlemaniacs recently๐Ÿ‘Ž.
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