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  1. Whoa! Think I'd rather stick to the "regular" beers. $400 seems better spent on a couple Vintage room meals. But I guess whatever floats your boat. Cheers, Emily!
  2. This info is great, Keith, thanks so much. The list looks perfectly adequate though I get what you are saying about supply issues. Worst case, we'll have to muddle along with wine, whiskey and gin. Such a problem! 😉
  3. Hope using this thread is ok & sorry to pose a question I know has already been answered but I'm short on time for searching. Could someone please post the list of beers on board, maybe in a day or two since I presume they might restock in Miami? Also, do they have taps & if so which bar? Finally, is it too late to request a dark/stout choice be available (if not part of the regular options already)? We board in 1 week, on the 11th. 🥳🚢 Thank you to all for the amazing help found here in the Crystal forum!!! Karen PS-Keith, I just saw your good wishes to the bon voyage thread from Roy. I was really hoping you'd tack on just one more week, but alas, it seems it is not to be. Thanks for promising to leave things nice for us and I hope you and Anne Marie have a safe journey home!
  4. Thank you, Roy. Very excited to be back to cruising and to start on a high note! Though there are a few more on the roll call so DH and I will have to share a little bit. I'm sure we'll manage. 😎👍 Karen
  5. Yes, me too! I am soon to be Serenity passenger but I got interested in the Symphony threads because of, well, you know. But seriously, your posts are great fun & informative too. Thank you for making the effort & happy cruising! Karen
  6. For us about-to-be-first-timers (🤞 for testing!) it was: 1 - great price for what is included 2 - TA enthusiasm for us to travel on a luxury line 3 - itinerary DH wanted to cruise to the Bahamas and we started out looking at RCL but he wasn't so keen on seeing just Nassau and/or Freeport, then going to a resort island. He is more interested in the culture and history of the places we visit - well, so am I for that matter. Since Serenity is going to several places that are actually Bahamas islands and not just cruise passenger playgrounds, that appealed to us both. As infrequent cruisers who usually purchase some extras on the main line (drinks package, wi-fi) we may not always get to travel on Crystal at 'normal' prices but will certainly crunch the numbers and see if it makes sense when the itinerary is interesting as well. I probably never would have considered that in the past. Many of you have said it various ways - having these choices is a great privilege! And btw, while I read in a few threads references to some of these port stops as a "tropical wasteland" or "boring", for us from the colder northern climes, a trip to any place with sandy, warm beaches in October or November is a wonderful treat! As I often say - perspective is everything! 😉 Now, if we just make it on the ship on the 11th ... Karen
  7. Gary I enjoyed your video. And my husband Don really got interested in your preparation ideas from the other videos as well. He's a serious YouTube U student. 😉 How cool that you take the time & effort to put this information out there - thanks! Karen
  8. Seems that masscruiser2010 has it done finally but for anyone else reading, I had the experience of not getting through with what I thought was an established login done weeks ago. I was using DuckDuckGo and it was not letting me back in, even with a password reset. Switched to Chrome and it worked fine. So, IME, the browser definitely makes a difference. It is a pretty involved form for sure, with lots of pages and steps. I spent probably almost an hour just on the profile part, what with scanning passports and vax cards to upload. Haven't gotten to the "add trips" part yet (next week - getting close yay!) so yes, be prepared to invest quite some time doing this. Good luck to all and happy cruising! Karen
  9. I'm fuzzy on details, but when we were going from Nassau it was a late time then changed to earlier. Then we changed to Miami & had a later afternoon time but it changed to 1:30-2:30 a couple weeks ago. We are sailing in 2 weeks & have received luggage tags & printed boarding passes recently. Maybe the late boarding time is a default that changes as they get pax load numbers in? But it might be worth asking about in case communication wires got crossed. Good luck! Karen
  10. Glad you made it this time, Keith, and thanks for the pictures! I especially enjoyed seeing the little "propellers" on the back of the ship. 😄 Back in July I had asked about possibly getting to the Catholic church in Alice Town by 9am for Mass and at that time got feedback that the tram didn't really even get you to the end of the pier until about 9. Is that still the case? There was also a lot of discussion that the golf cart rentals were not especially worthwhile as Sundays are very quiet there (besides the resort). Could anyone please share their recent experience? My hope is that now that ships have been sailing to Bimini for a couple months perhaps things are more fired-up for passengers, even though it is Sunday. A couple of the listed excursions show a start time of 8:30am, so that is another reason I'm curious about getting out and about earlier. Basically, I'd appreciate any information about getting off the ship and pier first thing, and what you encountered after that. Thanks in advance! Karen PS - Keith, just read your blog post for today and it seems things are still quite quiet there. But if anyone else has experience of any of the excursions or anything about Bimini, enquiring minds want to know.
  11. Have a wonderful week on board, Patricia, Keith and Anne Marie! Two weeks until it is our turn - so excited! Karen/behrsmom
  12. Making sure I understand correctly, cruising from/to Miami I do NOT need to purchase the $25 voucher for testing to return to the U.S. Is that correct (for now)?
  13. Interesting to hear that Miami is more quiet than usual. We will be there in 3 weeks, staying just one night at the Kimpton Epic. First time there as well as on Crystal. Do you know if much is open at the Bayside Market area? And an onboard question, are temperature checks still being conducted at the various restaurants? I'm ok with it, just curious as I haven't heard it mentioned for a while. Btw, Keith, are you sure you wouldn't like to tack on just 1 more week? We board the day you leave, darn it! 😒
  14. Your review is very well done, thanks for that. My husband and I are boarding in just a few weeks. I am somewhat shy and do tend to keep to myself if not pushed. That said, we both enjoy meeting new folks when traveling & I have been concerned about what you are describing. But please know your words have inspired me to "be brave" and reach out (not physically of course 😉) to anyone I notice is traveling alone. I wonder if something could be mentioned to the cruise director or Crystal society host about this? Maybe something special could be arranged since they seem to be marketing to solo passengers. I'm new to Crystal so forgive my ignorance if that is a poor suggestion. How was the white party? winefoodandsong, here's hoping that the rest of your travels are enjoyable and safe, and that we will see things return to normal and more people return to cruising very soon. Karen
  15. Maybe your friend sailed before the Aug 6 date of the change? Just a thought. I haven't looked at any other cruise line threads to see if this topic about Bahamas visa is mentioned. My understanding is that it is required now whether or not one is vaccinated. Right now I'm watching Tony of La Lido Loca on YouTube. He's doing the test that Princess requires 2 days before his Alaska cruise. He video'd himself doing a monitored at-home test because he was struggling to find an appointment. He & other cruise vloggers are talking about other lines' recent requirement that passengers have a negative test 2 days or less to be allowed to board. We are lucky in that Crystal is still providing the "ok to get on the ship" testing at the pier & we are not having to figure out how to get that done on our own. Hope that stays in place! Good luck to everyone with all your testing & traveling. Happy cruising! Karen
  16. +1! I really enjoyed the video snippets you posted during your cruise giustot. Thanks for doing that. Karen
  17. When is your sail date? We board in Miami Oct 11. I'm sorry I can't speak from experience but my feeble brain seems to recall this came up in a couple of threads of the early July cruises including Keith1010's. Phrases like "highlight" and "not to be missed" are what I think I remember. If you have time try searching through some of those early July postings. And hopefully someone who knows more will post soon. Karen
  18. Who was the tour operator for this please? I found one with almost all 5-star reviews on Viator. I believe it was Capt. Andrew & Comfort something? The price was just a wee bit less than the Crystal price so I was wondering if it is same company. Also curious if anyone did the all day excursion which sounds fun too. Thanks! Karen
  19. Thank you for finding out about the cribbage boards! Karen
  20. Could you please change this link title to include Oct 11 & Miami? I'm hoping more folks notice it & sign in. Thank you for all you do! Karen (behrsmom)
  21. Thank you for taking time to post from the ship! I would like to know if cribbage boards are available on board. Maybe someone reading already knows. But would you mind checking please? I believe I read one gets board games from the library. Thanks in advance and I hope you have a wonderful cruise! Karen
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