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  1. I just found this, Ellie and I should be making dinner. Oh well, dine late! Okay, I hope you don't find this negative but when I saw you use the word "bore" as in boring us, I just want to say that word should just not be in your vocabulary. You write amazing things, often funny and so very entertaining. So. I'm looking forward to your impressions of Hawaii. We were booked on a short trip on Ruby this year, but of course, it was cancelled, so it will be very special to me to see what we missed. So you are in the 70's.....amazing age! How on earth did we get there? Yes, I'm 16 in my head too (but not my back!) At that age I had no idea what a cruise ship was. However, my first transatlantic was made at 12, when my family emigrated from Ireland to Vancouver. We kids thought it was an amazing adventure but I'm sure my parents sailed with some trepidation. We have been to Hawaii several times as it is the vacation destination from here. We have a timeshare in Kauai and we will be going next in May 2022. I am so sick of this COVID and quite worried about our cruises booked for 2021. I hope we sail (fingers crossed). Thank you, Ellie for spending your time keeping us entertained. I hope your future cruises work out too.
  2. In April 2016, he was on Millennium with his wife who had a huge camera above her head. Did he ditch her or was she at the Spa already while he was tending to the luggage?
  3. I'm hoping the arrival of a vaccine will change a lot of this. We have 3 cruises booked in 2021 but will not be on any of them if we do not have access to a vaccine.
  4. Definitely no for us also. We are worrying about June.
  5. I agree. That's what is so nice about EZ air. You don't have to pay till final payment date and hopefully by then, we'll know if we are sailing or not.
  6. Thanks, for posting. I have looked at flights on Choice Air and the prices are not as good as similar on Princess if we were sailing with them. I am looking at YVR to LHR return for a cruise Aug to Sept. I guess that fare I got on Bus class to Singapore with EZ air has destroyed me for life! If that cruise cancels you will hear me bawling all the way from Vancouver. LOL
  7. Aft balconies are wonderful. We have one booked for June and sincerely hope it happens.
  8. Actually, the self isolation is not that bad. We had to do it when we returned from Eclipse Mar 30 and it was surprising how fast the 14 days went. I continue to be amazed at the speed with which time is passing during this pandemic. We mostly stay home, only going out for groceries now and again. We haven't eaten out, including take-out, since April. Cruise Critic is a godsend and I thank everyone who participates, as that keeps me entertained. I can shut my eyes and pretend I'm on that lovely back cabin in June enjoying the wake and I hope it becomes a reality.
  9. I found this too. I couldn't get back in to select the return portion. I did a mock booking to find the prices and determined they weren't that good. However, I wish I could use them for a Celebrity cruise.
  10. This is great to know, Hank. I have always been a but leary of Air China or China Airlines. i'm so hoping we can experience this but I'm a bit worried about the cruise sailing in June.
  11. I don't think there is enough time to have a vaccine available by Jan or Feb and therefore, I woudn't think of cruising then. I am worried enough about June, also Aug and Sept.
  12. Not doing this one either for the same reason as others.
  13. I guess I thought it was this one taken on Millennium Sept 09. We were enthralled with the fruit and there was more than one display. Must be on two ships?
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