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  1. This is a very old thread. We booked #7305 on Equinox in 2011 because of the lovely big square deck on the plans. We were very surprised to find out that it is not square. In fact it is like what the plans show for #7303. We looked past the divider to see what 7303 was like and it was a regular sized balcony.
  2. This is a great review so far. I have a tip to give you. When you are sailing into Stockholm, get up early and I mean early! Like 5 AM, so you can view the scenery in the archipelago as you glide in. Order room service and have breakfast on your balcony. It is magical. I gave that tip to someone recently and she came back after the cruise to thank me. We would never have known about this if we hadn't received the tip from someone on the cruise with us. The scenery is lovely on the way out too but just not quite the same lighting. I agree with the poster who recommended Tuscan for the sail out. Have a great cruise and enjoy your United flight.
  3. Thanks for the laugh, Cruisestitch. You're right on.
  4. We had one on the Silhouette TA from Southampton last year. I believe they are removed in Ft Lauderdale.
  5. We had to cancel a B2B and Celebrity insurance paid every last penny for the cruise but this did not include our airfare or hotel. Airfare was booked on United with points and we paid a small penalty to have them returned to our account. Hotel was with Marriott and was refundable . So to answer your question, I don't think the insurance covers airfare or hotel. We have tried Insuremytrip and found them very expensive. Maybe Canadians don't get as good a deal?
  6. Elite +, always book AQ and have never received anything by way of a thank you. Another great example of Celebrity's inconsistency!
  7. Since your title is Elite + benefits, I will add that you can get free Cappuccinos at Cafe Al Baccio any time of the day and as many as you want. We love that perk.
  8. Totally agree. Their website is a disgrace. I often wonder how many people give up and go to another company.
  9. You can often get more than that by talking to the guys outside the oceanview.
  10. We have sailed in #1599 and loved that cabin. We also prefer Blu to Luminae. Glad you have decided to stay put. Now you can spend the "bid" $ on something else.
  11. Thank you for answering my question. I am very surprised that Celebrity is playing those kind of pool games. I agree with Jfontaine. Celebrity certainly owes you one. Leaving a key in your door is unacceptable. Good of you to be concerned about the young guy.
  12. Lovely photos, Anne. Thank you for posting.
  13. Looking forward to your review as this cruise is on our bucket list too. Silhouette is my favorite Celebrity ship. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Congratulations on your remission. Just a thought I had about the wild pool games on Infinity. Was it possible there was a group on there who provided their own entertainment? Did you see an activities crew person leading these games? Like others, I hope this is a one off. Definitely unusual for Celebrity.
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