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  1. Thanks. That’s a really great point and exactly the advice I would take if we rented a car! I don’t think we want to drive this ourselves though, not because of the road but because the driver won’t get to fully see all the views. As much as I dream of doing the road to Hana I’m looking at alternative scenic drive tours. I’m looking at a private one in west Maui with views or stops at Waihee, Iao, Ukumehame, and Olawalu Valleys, Makamaka'ole Falls, Kapalua, Flemings Beach, Honolua Valley, Hanakohau Bay, and Kahakuloa. It sounds like some of this might be along the Kahekili Highway. Still researching and undecided.
  2. Thanks all. They cancelled the excursion. We’re super disappointed. We’ll have to figure out what else to do. We’re not that interested in Haleakala crater because we want to see the lush scenery and ocean. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  3. Thanks. We’re only in port in Maui until 6:00. The ship sails at 11:00 in Oahu so that will be our only option. The ship excursion to Germaine’s was cancelled so we’re still debating if we feel it’s safe enough to do chiefs or paradise cove instead. At the moment I don’t think we want to take the chance but we’re still somewhat open to suggestion.
  4. We do stop in Maui but it’s not an overnight so unfortunately it’s not an option.
  5. Thank you. I did look and also called them both. They both said your bus will leave almost immediately and you’ll be back by 10:00 “at the latest.” It may be true but I’m sure they want to encourage people to go to their own luau. It’s hard to know if they’re credible and what their actual track record is so I’m just wondering if anyone has heard or had their own personal experience with them. Things can always go wrong with traffic but how reliable are they under normal circumstances? I know they get good reviews and a lot of cruisers go but many are in Honolulu overnight. Would like to get as much info as possible before making a decision. Thanks.
  6. We’re thinking of doing either the Chief’s or Paradise Cove luau on our own in Oahu. Our ship leaves at 11:00 PM. All aboard is 10:30. Both will drop you off at the pier (pier 2) but we’re hesitant about cutting it so close. Has anyone heard of any problems with these getting you back to the ship on time? Thanks!
  7. Our ship will be Hawaii the first week in November. We are visiting Hilo, Kona, Maui, and Honolulu. We would like to do one scenic beach day, probably a half day. I can’t swim so we’re looking for a beach with calm shallow waters. I know a lot of the beaches in Hawaii have high surfing waves and rough waters. Does anyone have any recommendations for a tamer beach on any of these islands? My preference is to find one for the Hilo or Honolulu days because we’re interested in excursions in the other ports but I’m open to changing plans.
  8. Thank you Chris! I’m glad it was so memorable for you. I’m so excited now as this is what I was hoping to hear. Sounds like it will be just what I imagined. Great advice about the bus too. A question - which side has the better ocean view?
  9. Yes thats all correct. We would go from Lahaina to the road to Hāna then continue on past it and back to port via the back way. The time works but is definitely cutting it close and that’s why I would only consider the ship’s excursion as they have to wait for the tours to return.
  10. We are booked on a Hawaii cruise in October and it is our first trip to Hawaii. I have always dreamed of doing the road to Hana. Our time in Maui is limited (no overnight) so the ship’s tour is really the only safe way to go. Private tour or car rental is not an option. We have no concerns whatsoever about the road itself or the long day. We live in the mountains of AZ and take our jeep on far hairier backroads than this! We also love long scenic drives. That said, with everything I’ve read it’s still not clear if the drive is predominantly along the coast with ocean views or if it is mostly through a rainforest with only occasional views of the ocean. This tour goes the entire loop and returns via the back road. With this being only a nine hour tour most of the stops are short photo stops. The exception is lunch. We won’t be hiking, swimming or anything along those lines. This is the itinerary. I am wondering if anyone has done a similar itinerary and what you thought of it. Was the scenery along the way and these stops enough to feel you experienced the road? It’s on the bucket list so I hope so! Thanks. Kaumahina State Park 15 min Wainapanapa with possible photo stop en route 15 min Hana Ranch Restaurant 50 min Wailua Falls 10 min Oheo Gulch, 7 Sacred Pools photo stop if traffic conditions permit; does not go in to Oheo Gulch or 7 Sacred Pools 15 min Lindbergh Grave 15 min Kaupo Store 20 min Ulupalakua Winery (only if time permits) 10 min Return travel to pier (via Kaupo)
  11. Just an FYI If you’re thinking of a RT LA cruise in October 2019 Celebrity is also doing a rare 15 day one out of LA that same month.
  12. Got back last night. We did end up doing the excursion with Spencer. We had signed up for the full day Sugar Beach Break but asked to switch to the island and beach tour combo instead while on the boat because it sounded so good! They let us do this with no problem. We were a little hesitant to go with a private tour company at first but Spencer’s tour was absolutely amazing! He and the crew were excellent and had us back in plenty of time. The power boat was a fun way to go. We had a blast and it was the best day of our cruise!! The volcanic mud baths and waterfall were fantastic, the beach surrounded by the pitons was picturesque and the food they served was local and excellent. They did a great job narrating and telling us all about the sights along the way. Can’t say enough good things about this tour and the crew and highly recommend them. Thanks for your suggestions, glad we took your advice!
  13. We are looking at doing either the full day Spencer Ambrose Jalousie/Sugar Beach Break excursion or the half day Celebrity Coastal Cruise to the Pitons. The Spencer Ambrose tour offers a lot more, however, there wouldn’t be any time to walk around the town. We usually like to do some shopping and see the quaint towns when in port. Is walking around Castries worth taking a shorter tour? I’d hate to pass up the Ambrose excursion that gets such glowing reviews only to find out there’s not much to see near the port. Any feedback is appreciated!
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