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  1. Thanks everyone. Given the mixed reviews about Ka’anapali and Kapalua we decided we will go to Ka’anapali for a half day. Hopefully we can go in but if not it sounds like It has a lot to offer regardless of the ocean conditions. We’ll spend the second half in Lahaina. We’re looking forward to a great day! We leave Friday and sail on Sunday. I’ll let you know what the conditions were like this time of year for anyone else sailing soon who might want to know.
  2. Thanks all! Yikes, it sounds like going for a dip may not be in the cards. I’m still open to Kapalua but I think we’ll probably go to Ka’anapali and hope for the best. If it turns out we can’t go in then we’ll just enjoy a walk on the beach and spending some time there. Its Hawaii after all so I’m sure it will be amazing either way! Any ideas on what stretch of Ka’anapali to visit? We’re not interested in Whalers Village because we’ll be doing our shopping in Lahaina so looking for other ideas. Thanks!
  3. We’re trying to decide between Kaanapali and Kapalua Bay beach for a half day in Maui during the first week in November. I can’t swim so I’ve been reading a lot about them to see which one has better conditions. The debate is all over the map. Some say Kaanapali can be dangerous with a difficult entry, hard shore break, and drop off. Others say it’s nice and calm. Same thing for Kapalua. Some say it’s too far north and has dangerously strong waves and currents. Others say it’s calm and shallow. I know each beach is nice for different reasons (i.e. Ka’anapali is livelier, etc.) so we will enjoy
  4. Yes that’s exactly the problem! There’s just too much I want to see. My dream had always been to do the Road to Hana and I would have been thrilled with just that. But the ship’s excursion was cancelled 😥 so I’m trying to narrow down a plan b from a long list of second choices. I’m sure we’ll love whatever we end up deciding to do. Thanks for the tip on Tours for Locals. I’ll check them out. This info on Ka’anapali is interesting. I can’t swim so I’ve been reading to find out if Ka’anapali or Kapalua beach has calmer waters. There are conflicting articles about this. Some say a part
  5. The ship’s excursions for Maui don’t look all that great. I was hoping to find a short private tour if I could do it early enough to leave time for the beach and Lahaina. My husband would be happy with just the beach and shops but I’d like to see some of the island too. I kind of feel like we’ll miss the beauty of the island if that’s all we do. As far as the ship tours there is a two hour trilogy catamaran sail that might at least let us see the coastal scenery. But even that starts late and goes to 12:30. So far I haven’t figured out the best way to spend the day. (Thanks for the info on Iao
  6. Thanks, this is very helpful. I’m still trying to find out how long the wait would likely be to even get on the tender in the morning. If there’s time to do a short tour in addition to spending a little time at the beach and Lahaina is there anything you could recommend? I would really like to see Iao valley or the west Maui mountains but I know there wouldn’t be enough time to do all that. So I need to identify something else that would allow us see some of the beauty of the island in a shorter period of time. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. This will be our first trip to Hawaii. We’re considering taking a private tour in Maui and I need to figure out what time I could actually schedule it for. We will be arriving in Lahaina at 8:00 AM. I assume people who are taking a Celebrity excursion will be the first to tender out. I’m wondering if anyone who has experience tendering at this port can advise how long it should realistically take to tender out and get over to Lahaina. I’m also trying to figure out the rest of the day. We’re in port until 6:00 PM so I think we should be back on board by 5:30 at the very latest. What time would
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. Sadly, our Road to Hana excursion was cancelled. We booked tours in the other ports so now we’re focusing on doing a half day at the beach in either Maui or O’ahu. We’re not renting a car so it will need to be a cab ride away. So it looks like in Oahu it might have to be somewhere near the Waikiki stretch. In Maui maybe Kapalua, Napili, or Kaanapali?
  9. Our ship will be Hawaii the first week in November. We are visiting Hilo, Kona, Maui, and Honolulu. We would like to do one scenic beach day, probably a half day. I can’t swim so we’re looking for a beach with calm shallow waters. I know a lot of the beaches in Hawaii have high surfing waves and rough waters. Does anyone have any recommendations for a tamer beach on any of these islands? My preference is to find one for the Hilo or Honolulu days because we’re interested in excursions in the other ports but I’m open to changing plans.
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