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  1. Having to use a CPAP machine myself I did not want to have an extension cord going across the cabin floor. I bought an adapter and used the 220 volt plug that's on the wall under the bed, this was on the Royal Princess. I checked the transformer for the CPAP machine to make sure it could be used with the higher single phase voltage and used this outlet to power the transformer for the duration of the cruise. This kept the floor free of any tripping hazard. I have added a photo of the outlet under the bed. Hope this helps! Be Safe and Happy Trails 🥃
  2. After the "Red Wine" you should see Spirts. This is seen on the Princess Cellars of the Onboard Services. Happy Trails 🥃
  3. How did I get my CC handle? Let me see! When I first started working as a fleet equipment/fire equipment mechanic for a City near Los Angels one of the paramedic/firefighter would call me Big Wave Dave anytime he saw me. I asked him one day why he called me that and he responded that some day I would make it big in the City and make waves doing it. Well within 5 years I went from a Mechanic 1, Mechanic 2, to Lead Mechanic and then 5 years later as Equipment Maintenance Supervisor overseeing all fleet operations, purchasing, fueling, hazmat, and retirement of equipment. I retired after 3
  4. I have mine on the refrigerator. Just a reminder of some of the places the DW and I have been. Be safe and Happy Trails 🥃
  5. It was a year ago on February 6th that we did our last cruise aboard the Royal Princess. (posted this anniversary on our Roll Call) Little did we know that it would be the last cruise for some time. Our DD had concerns about people having Covid-19 being it was on the news that the Diamond Princess was anchored at the Yakohama Port and the passenger's could not disembark. She and her friend joined us and stayed in thier own balcony cabin next to ours. The DD was washing her hands all the time and not wanting to touch anything. At the time we didn't have full understanding of how the virus
  6. Our last cruise was February 6th to the 10th, 2020 on the Royal Princes. West Coast Getaway out of San Pedro with port calls at Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico. This cruise was with my DW and our DD and her friend who had a front facing balcony next to ours. This was fun and relaxing short cruise. I surprised my DW by decorating our stateroom with an "Academy Awards" theme and rope lights being they were doing the Oscars on our return leg from Ensenada on Sunday evening. Happy Trails 🥃
  7. We were happy to get the same side (Port) on the upgrade being we like to watch the sunsets on the way up to SF and on our return from Ensenda, be able to see the city skyline and lights from the balcony when we depart SF, when anchored off Monterey to see the city and coastline (depending on the wind direction), and when having the ultimate balcony breakfast in Ensenada to look out at the overly large Mexican flag that is flown at the port. We are happy to have any side on a cruise but when we check the itinerary we like to see what side best meets our requirements for that cruise.
  8. We just received a upgrade from a balcony to a mini suite on the same side and deck for our Oct. 2020 cruise at no charge. Maybe they will do a second upgrade to a full suite?Princess did this on a repositioning cruise on the Island Princess we did a few years ago. Happy Trails 🥃
  9. We just did a cruise on the Royal Princes (cabin L101). Under the bed is a 220/240 volt outlet that I used for my CPAP machaine. Just needed to plug in an adapter that I purchased from Amazon to use it. Also make sure to check the voltage rating on the power pack or whatever you plan to use. Needs to be 120/220 volts or 120/240 volts. I didn't want an extension cord going across the floor so I used this outlet instead. Happy Trails 🥃
  10. The wine and water glasses (and the smaller bathroom glasses) are on the stewards carts. I just politely ask to have the wine and extra glasses when they get a chance. In doing this they will know what we need and keep the bar area stocked with new glasses as we use them. Happy Trails 🥃🍷
  11. We do the same thing. He or she brings them soon after. We also ask to have four of the drink glasses in the room. DW likes to have her Johnnie Gingers and I my Scotch on the rocks. Happy Trails 🥃
  12. We used the App to order the free drink. My DD and her friend had a separate cabin and charge account's did not see any gratuity charged for this transaction. The DW and I didn't either. Not sure what the DD or her friend ordered but I know it was something that was fruity and sweet. I did martinis for this cruise (Scotch is my preferred drink) and the DD likes Scotch mixed with 7-Up or ginger ale. After the freebie it was dirty martinis with extra olives and a side of stuffed olives when available. Happy Trails 🍸
  13. Yes you can add this to your on board account. Just disembarked from the Royal. DW used the stateroom account to play some slots using the screen on the machine to room.
  14. Just disembarked from the Royal on 2/10/20 having spent 4 nights in L101. The sliding door was never locked by the crew while the ship was under sail. I did notice a small magnetic contact switch in the door frame and slider. This may indicate that the door is open or closed to someone? They may require that the door be closed and locked in rough seas and this switch let's them know if it is not. We did have the door cracked open about 2 to 3 inches at night to let in some fresh air and no one ever notified us to close it even when the ship was moving. Happy Trails 🥃
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