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  1. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes - we escaped without any major damage here in Geraldton, but people 120 Kms of us in Kalbarri have been devastated as too has Nothampton, only 50 kms from us. We were without power, water and phones for 60 hours but everything back up and running now thank goodness. All we need now is to get cruising back to normal in Australia!
  2. Thanks for your well wishes - We are expecting to cop it from about 7.00pm tonight here in Geraldton so will be holding on tight!
  3. I certainly agree with your sentiments - Most of us here in Australia will be receiving the Astra Zenica vaccination.
  4. Thanks for the Heads-up! - We have sailed with NCL 8 times previously over the last 10 years and have found them to be excellent. We have just booked a B2B from SYD - AUK - SYD for early 2022 - something to look forward to in these dark times!
  5. This is a copy of a post I found in the Celebrity Board - I thought it was a good idea and wondered what the rest of you think. "Just read a nice review on Cruise Critic about a 4 day cruise on an MSC mega ship, Grandiosa . Reviewer mentioned wearing a bracelet ( standard for MSC?) Which enabled contacts to be monitored". ""Like everyone else, I wear the MSC for Me bracelet. It's like having another cruise card, I can also open the door to my cabin. And above all, while respecting privacy, it is able to locate and trace the contacts with the other guests on
  6. I agree wholeheartedly, this is an excellent initiative and should be compulsory on all cruise ships. It would certainly take the guess work out of who has been in contact with whom and make contact quarantining so much easier for everyone.
  7. It all depends on when you are looking at doing the B2B cruises. As things stand at the moment I wouldn't even consider cruising in Australia until at least December 2021
  8. I'm in Western Australia, which has closed borders, anyway, a young lady requested special dispensation to enter the state under compassionate grounds. She was granted permission BUT had to undergo 14 days quarantine in a Perth hotel (at her own cost). Long story short, she didn't have the money for a 14 day hotel stay so she hitchhiked a ride across Australia in a truck. When she got to Perth she holed up with her boyfriend, somehow (not sure how) the cops got onto her and she was arrested. Went to court 2 days ago and received a 6 month prison sentence!! She is currently about to appeal
  9. Thanks for asking this question - I knew I had seen the option somewhere but for the last week of periodically trying I just couldn't find it. I thought I must have been going crazy! I guess I will just keep checking my booking page waiting for the option to reappear
  10. Celebrity announced Aug 26th Australia/New Zealand cruises cancelled up until Oct 31st
  11. The most memorable thing I got for free was a dose of Gastro whilst on Celebrity Solstice - the whole ship was closed down. Luckily we were on our homeward bound leg back to Sydney so it was only 2 days of inconvenience.
  12. Agree - I was just looking at a South Pacific cruise out of Sydney, Australia on the Celebrity Eclipse departing October 18, 2020 - I'm sure that won't be going anywhere.
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