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  1. I can imagine the lawyers will have a field day in terms of compensation claims from other ships etc.
  2. We are also booked on this (and 17th.back to back). 'Cautiously optimistic' at this stage! I believe she will sail but whether or not we are on board very much depends on governments' stance, at that stage, on foreign travel. Will not go if there is any thought of facing isolation on return! Heads up. Last time I looked flights to Venice were getting surprisingly full if you can believe the websites!
  3. No one has mentioned that it is probably sensible to take enough Euros to be able to tip the tour guide on any excursions that you plan to take.
  4. Just to add to the above, I think that you will get 4 speciality restaurant meals per person on the free at sea promotion on a 14 night cruise.
  5. Can you get this discount if cruises booked separately?
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