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  1. Great cruise all you guys in the Vibe were awesome... AKA Jersey Dave....LOL...jk
  2. So are you saying you go to the Vibe to buy these passes?
  3. As the title said where do you head to buy Vibe passes on the JOY? I know it differs from ship to ship and I was wondering if anybody here knew for sure.
  4. I have brought protein powder on several cruises without any issue or even concern to conceal it. So i think you should be good to go.
  5. I for one am totally against this! Socializing with a cold beer in the hot tub with fellow cruisers has always been one of my favorite activities.
  6. I guess but I could get non-stop round trip tickets to Florida all day long for under or at 300 per person. But I am glad to see some destinations would be cheaper.
  7. If you live in Denver this promotion is beyond worthless! I have done several mock bookings and usually I am being charged in the upper 800’s per person to Miami. NCL calling this free is a joke...LOL
  8. Most of the time when I plug in the offer it give me something like 875 per person. Not even close to free and well over double if not triple of what I can can book a flight to Miami out of Denver with southwest.
  9. Really...LOL Well that would explain why I never seen it closed... 😊
  10. I was on the Getaway last year and windy or not it was open the entire cruise.
  11. I heard that the retractable roof on the Breakaway was damaged so they usually leave it closed. Is this true?
  12. I agree with the poster who mentioned adding bottled water and specialty coffee to the UBP.
  13. I received a down grade offer...LOL I am currently booked in an aft Haven suite (H6) and one of my upgrade offers was a 300$ per person min bid for a Haven Spa suite (H9) In other words I could bid at least 600$ more for a room I could have had for 600$ less than what I paid if I chose it in the first place. Sorry I am not really adding to this thread I just found this funny 😊
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