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  1. I for one am totally against this! Socializing with a cold beer in the hot tub with fellow cruisers has always been one of my favorite activities.
  2. I guess but I could get non-stop round trip tickets to Florida all day long for under or at 300 per person. But I am glad to see some destinations would be cheaper.
  3. If you live in Denver this promotion is beyond worthless! I have done several mock bookings and usually I am being charged in the upper 800’s per person to Miami. NCL calling this free is a joke...LOL
  4. Most of the time when I plug in the offer it give me something like 875 per person. Not even close to free and well over double if not triple of what I can can book a flight to Miami out of Denver with southwest.
  5. Really...LOL Well that would explain why I never seen it closed... 😊
  6. I was on the Getaway last year and windy or not it was open the entire cruise.
  7. I heard that the retractable roof on the Breakaway was damaged so they usually leave it closed. Is this true?
  8. I agree with the poster who mentioned adding bottled water and specialty coffee to the UBP.
  9. I received a down grade offer...LOL I am currently booked in an aft Haven suite (H6) and one of my upgrade offers was a 300$ per person min bid for a Haven Spa suite (H9) In other words I could bid at least 600$ more for a room I could have had for 600$ less than what I paid if I chose it in the first place. Sorry I am not really adding to this thread I just found this funny 😊
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